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New to Wuben? Embrace Your Exclusive Discount Now!

Aug 18, 2023

New to Wuben? Embrace Your Exclusive Discount Now!

Welcome to the world of Wuben, where illumination meets innovation!

As a seasoned expert in the field of flashlight technology, We are excited to introduce you to some exceptional tools that will brighten up your everyday life. Whether you're a newcomer or just looking to upgrade your flashlight game, this guide will walk you through a range of options tailored to your needs. Let's explore the illuminating possibilities together.

1. G3 and E19 - Your Affordable EDC Essentials (Super Low Prices)

Why start your journey with the G3 and E19? These two EDC tools are no-brainers, effortlessly earning a spot in your shopping cart. The G3 is the EDC multi keychain tool, featuring a mini ballpoint pen on top and a package opener at the bottom. Grab one for just $4.99 or a pair for $7.99. Meanwhile, the E19 boasts a High CRI LED Penlight Flashlight, packed with functionality that speaks for itself. And guess what? It's yours for only $9.9.

G3 Limited-Time Offers

Product Wuben G3 EDC Multi Keychain Tool
Discounted Price $4.99 (Original Price: $22.00, Up to 77%)
Time (EST) From 8:00 AM on August 10th to 8:00 AM on September 8th
Available in Users from the United States, Australia, Germany, and France
Quantity Limited 1 Pc Per Person
Wuben G3

A Better EDC Multi Keychain Tool for Unboxing and Writing

E19 Limited-Time Offer

Product Original Price Discounted Price
Wuben E19 High CRI Penlight $26.99 $9.9
Quantity Time Limitations
100 pieces July 19th - August 31th (EDT) a: One piece per person;
b: For US users only 
Wuben E19
Two Wuben E19 flashlights weigh about an egg

2. Wuben A1 - The Best Easy Carry Portable High-power Spotlight (Snag a 20% Discount: W20OFF, and Get a Free Gift: X0 Await You!)

The Wuben A1 is your go-to choice for scenarios like Search and Rescue, Marine Operations, Cave Exploration, Mountain and Forest Construction, and Off-Road Modification. Check out its outstanding features:
  • Blazing Brightness: Shining with a maximum output of 20,000 lumens.
  • Illuminating Range: Reach distances of up to 2500 meters.
  • Built Tough: Crafted for durability and reliability.
  • Extended Runtime: Enjoy up to 105 hours of continuous use.
Wuben A1

3. C3 and L50 - Your Entry-Level Flashlights (Including a Free Gift AS5 Flashlight Nylon Pouch)

The C3 and L50 are both beloved members of the Wuben family, offering similar performance at an impressive 1200 lumens. The L50 features a precision-engineered reflector, while the C3 sports a lens. Visually, the L50 is slightly larger and around ten grams heavier than the C3.

Wuben C3 is a small, lightweight, and powerful flashlight that is perfect for everyday carry. It has a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a beam distance of 179 meters. It also has a variety of brightness modes, including a strobe mode and an SOS mode.
Wuben C3
Wuben L50 is a powerful and versatile flashlight that is sure to impress. It has a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a beam distance of 200 meters. The L50 is powered by a single 18650 battery, providing up to 1.5 hours of runtime on the highest brightness setting.
Wuben L50
For a limited time, when you purchase a C3 or L50 flashlight, you'll receive an AS5 Flashlight Nylon Pouch absolutely free. Act fast, as this offer is subject to change.

4. Wuben X Series - Redefining Your Perception of Flashlights (15% Discount: WB15)

Prepare to challenge your understanding of flashlights with the remarkable Wuben X Series. Known for its unique design and playful nature, the X Series is the pinnacle of Wuben's flashlight lineup.

X0 VS X1 VS X2

Brands / Models Wuben X0 Wuben X1 Wuben X2
Portability Wuben X0, boasts a weight range of 82g to 131g and dimensions of 2.24 x 0.96 x 1.10 inches. Wuben X1 possesses a weight of 379g and its dimensions are 5.06 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches. Wuben X2 possesses a weight of 115g and its dimensions are 3.35 x 1.54 x 0.79 inches.
Brightness and Adjustable Output Up to 1,100 lumens; 7 brightness levels Up to 1,2000 lumens; 7 brightness levels Up to 2,500 lumens; 6 brightness levels
Long Battery Life Up to 40 hours on low setting; 2.5 hours on high setting Up to 14 hours on low setting; 2 hours on high setting Up to 80 hours on low setting; 2.5 hours on high setting
Material Made of Aluminum, Titanium, or Brass Made of Aluminum Made of Aluminum, Titanium, or Copper
Water Resistance IP68 IP55 IP68
Wuben X Series

5. New Arrivals - Wuben X3 and L1 (15% Discount: WB15)

Experience the cutting-edge with the Wuben X3, the fourth installment of the X Series. Resembling an owl, this flashlight is as stylish as it is functional. On the other hand, the L1 offers Dual Light Sources, allowing you to simultaneously illuminate different directions. Its rotating and switching capabilities make it a versatile choice for close-up and long-range lighting needs.
Wuben X3

Wuben X3 Best EDC Flashlight Specifications

Specs Wuben X3 Best EDC Light
LED 1 x LUMINUS SST10 and 1 x Samsung LH351D)
Lumens 700 Lumens
Beam intensity 2,590 cd
Battery config. 1000mAh battery pack and 3000 mAh charging box
Onboard charging Wireless Charging
Modes 4
Blinkies Strobe / SOS
Waterproof IP65
Weight 70g
Size 70 x 35 x 21 mm
Review publication date May 2023
Tips: Expected Delivery By Lated August.

L1 Dual Light Sources Flashlight

All the information you want to know about the Wuben L1 is in this article: "Comparison of Differences Between Different Versions of Wuben L1."
Wuben L1
That's all, your journey into the world of flashlights starts here. Whether you're in search of budget-friendly options, powerful spotlights, entry-level essentials, or innovative designs, Wuben has you covered. Embrace the light and embark on your flashlight adventure today!

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