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🎉 Get Ready to Sparkle at Wuben's 8th Anniversary Celebration! 🎉

Mar 15, 2024

🎉 Get Ready to Sparkle at Wuben's 8th Anniversary Celebration! 🎉

🎉🎉 Get Ready to Sparkle at Wuben's 8th Anniversary Celebration!

Hey, Night Owls and Adventure Seekers!

Get your glow sticks ready because Wuben's 8th Anniversary bash is about to kick off, and it's going to be lit!

From March 15th, 8:00 AM (US Time), to April 1st, 11:59 PM, join us for an electrifying extravaganza filled with jaw-dropping deals, thrilling activities, and prizes that'll make your heart skip a beat!

🚀 Dive into the Action

Before we dive into the main event, let's quickly browse through these pages: 

🎁 Flashback to Pre-Event Fun

Let's rewind and relive the hype from our pre-event activities:
  • Spin to Win on the Mega Prize Wheel: Brace yourself for heart-pounding spins and incredible prizes!
  • Exclusive Rewards for Top Buyers: Treat yourself like a VIP with exclusive rewards for our top spenders.
  • Gratitude Galore: We're showering love on our loyal customers with special tokens of appreciation.
  • Newbie Bonanza: Newbies, rejoice! We've got a special surprise just for you!

For a refresher on all the pre-event excitement, click here: Preview Wuben 8th Anniversary Celebration

🌟 Star-Studded Event Lineup

Get ready to dazzle with our star-studded event lineup. Illuminate your world with our exclusive deals on top-notch flashlights:

Product Product Description Original Price Discount Now
Wuben G2 500 Lumens
Compact Yet Mighty, Always Ready for Action
$28.99 66% off $9.98
Wuben L1 2000 Lumens
Illuminate Every Detail Near and Far with Precision
$79.00 - $158.00 30% off $55.30 - $110.60
Wuben B2 1300 Lumens
Illuminate Your Ride with Unparalleled Safety and Brightness (Give away a tail light)
$39.99 50% off $20.00
Wuben X3 700 Lumens
Your Indispensable Everyday Lighting Partner
$81.99 - $109.99 25% off $61.49 - $82.49
Wuben E7 1800 Lumens
Light Your Way Hands-Free, Perfect for Night Adventures
$29.99 - $59.96 20% - 25% $23.99 - $44.97
Wuben X0 Bundle 1100 Lumens
Innovating Your Illumination Experience, One Pocket at a Time
$68.99 30% off $48.29
Wuben X1 Bundle 12000 Lumens
High-Lumen Compact Flashlight: Your Perfect Everyday Carry Companion
$223.99 - $248.999 40% off $134.39 - $149.39
Wuben X2 Bundle 2500 Lumens
Where Style Meets Utility, Lighting the Way Forward
$126.99 - $$405.00 35% off $95.54 - $263.25


⏰ Grab Your Flashlight Before They're Gone!

And that's not all! We've got a limited-time flash sale on the coveted X3(The Charging Box features a plastic outer shell, and this X3 comes in versions with red and white light, as well as dual white light. Additionally, its color may vary from the typical X3 models we offer for sale.), available only while supplies last!

Hurry, sale runs from March 29th, 7:59 AM to April 1st, 11:59 PM (US Time). Plus, enjoy free shipping within the US; international shipping available for $7.99.


That's all, thank you for being a part of our illuminating journey over the past eight years!

As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable celebration filled with excitement, surprises, and unbeatable deals. Head over to our event page now and let's light up the night together!

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