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The Best EDC Flashlights of 2022-The E6 'steel cannon'

Aug 19, 2022

The Best EDC Flashlights of 2022-The E6 'steel cannon'

The Best EDC Flashlights of 2022-The E6 'steel cannon'



Wuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong Flashlight


 wuben flashlight e6

Often described as a 'pocket-rocket', the E6 'steel cannon' EDC flashlight is around half the length of your phone, weighs about the same as an onion, but with its 900 lumens output along with its strobe and SOS modes, offers the performance and features comparable to larger EDC flashlights!

The E6 is pretty much suitable for anyone - it is compact and can use a range of readily available batteries. For camping its low mode is suitable for use inside of tents and its high mode and long range make perfect for hikes and walking dogs. Its SOS mode will enable you to be found in an emergency.  For everyday use, it is suitable for placing in handbags, car glove compartments or clipping onto clothing. When walking along the streets at night, if needed, its strobe mode can be used for self-defense.

easy to bring


Powered with the German Osram 'Ostar' KW CSLPM1.TG LED, the side-switch operated E6 is considered to be a compact thrower, where its deep smooth reflector gives off a beam with a well focussed hotspot along with some spill. For its size, the E6 gives and impressive range of 410m and intensity of 42,000 candela!

Its grade III anodized aluminum body (despite its name, it's not actually made from steel!) has specially designed deep heat sink fins to allow superior heat dissipation to maintain its high performance. It has an impact resistance of 1.5m and is IP68 rated, meaning that not only is the E6 dustproof and waterproof, it can be submerged for 2m underwater for 1 hour!

flashlight e6


The E6 has the performance you need minus the bulk!  It entirely fits inside the hand for most adults and at just 87mm length and weighing just 75g, you will barely notice it when you clip it to your clothing, fit it in your pocket or put it in your purse! Its lanyard allows you to prevent it from dropping and to free your hands, it can also be stood on a flat surface.


The E6 comes with the Wuben ABF920R li-ion battery - this is almost identical in size as a standard AA battery as it has the same diameter and length. It is a 14500 battery with a capacity of 920 mAh and is directly rechargeable with a type-C USB lead. The battery itself has a built-in LED charge indicator near its positive button terminal which stays red when charging and turns green when fully charged!

If you need to use the E6 but also need to charge the battery, as well having additional li-ion battery, disposable alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries can also be used!

flashlight e6

Safety features of the included battery

Wuben li-ion batteries are 'protected' meaning they include a number of safety features! They are less likely to cause harm or damage to property because the likelihood of ignition is reduced by having the below features:

PTC: A PTC (Positive Temperature Switch) is a small round disc at the top of the battery, inside the casing to protect against overheating and will automatically reset.  A PTC has low resistance, but if there is a surge in current, the battery will heat up and the PTC will increase its resistance to prevent burning.  The PTC will then self-cool.

CID: A CID (Current Interrupt Device) or pressure valve: This will disable the cell permanently if the pressure is too high, which can happen from overcharging.  CIDs are similar to the PTC because both disrupt the circuit connection to stop overheating.  If the battery becomes overcharged, its pressure increases, but the CID will interrupt the connection with the positive terminal.  It works by venting gas through the hole in the top of the battery if there is too much heat.

PCB: A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) integrated into the cell packaging.  The circuit protects over charge and over discharge, short/over current and high temperatures. The circuit board will reset automatically or when placed in a charger.  

The 'W' button side-switch

A single click cycles through high, medium and low modes. Whilst on, pressing and holding the button will also change the outputs. A double-click instantly activates strobe. 4 clicks (or a double-click whilst on strobe) activates SOS mode designed to help you get rescued. A single-click after strobe or SOS will return the output to the previous high, medium or low setting thanks to its memory function, which also returns the E6 to its previous setting when it is turned off then on.

To help you find the E6 in the dark, the breathing light can be activated (and deactivated) by a triple-click

Battery indicator

The 'W' button is also a battery charge level indicator! The table below shows the meaning of the display to tell you how much charge (C) is left:

Button indication

Battery charge (C)

Constant blue light for 5 seconds

C ≥ 90%

Blue light flashes for 5 seconds

90% > C ≥ 40%

Red light constant on for 5 seconds

40% > C ≥ 15%

Red light flashes

15% > C > 0%


Summary of key features

  • Compact size of 87mm length, 30mm diameter and light weight of 75g
  • A maximum output of 900 lumens (high) along with medium (100 lumens) and low (10 lumens) outputs.
  • Ability to emit 900 lumens high mode continuously for 1 hour
  • Long throw for its size at 410m
  • Strobe and SOS modes
  • Compatibility with both 14500 li-ion and AA batteries
  • 3 function button which cycles through the modes, acts as a battery indicator and has a breathing light to help you find it in the dark
  • IP68 rating: water resistant for 2m depth for 1 hour and dustproof
  • Corrosion resistant with its grade III anodized finishing
  • Ability to be clipped
  • Heat sink fins to maximise heat dissipation for enhanced performance


The E6 comes with a 14500 li-ion battery, lanyard, 2 spare O-rings and a user manual. See the parameters below to see if the E6 steel cannon is for you!

14500 Li-ion battery

ANSI FL1 standard


















Ni-MH battery








1min+1.2 hours

3 hours

32 hours



Beam distance/m


Impact resistance/m


Waterproof level

IP68 (2m underwater for 1 hour)


75g (2.45 oz)

Dimensions (length x diameter)

87mmx30mm (3.43inx1.18in)


Why Is It Called Small Steel Cannon?


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