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Aug 10, 2022

Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

WUBEN Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

You may be familiar with the term 'EDCs' (short for 'everyday carry') which are portable, lightweight and easy to store gadgets including flashlights and multi-tools for use when you leave your home. One of our most popular EDC products is the E61 'Gecko' which combines two essential tools - the pen and the flashlight!

Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

 Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the E61 actually emits three different light colors,  has 4 different pen attachments and is available in high quality black, blue and grey-blue finishes!

Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

Key features of the E61

  • A white, red and blue LED light strip with different modes, which can be pulled out of the body and rotated up to 270 degrees!
  • Stylus attachment for precise and hygienic use on touch-screen devices
  • Zirconium bead head for tactical striking and breaking glass
  • Ink pen for writing on paper
  • Inkless pen, which never runs out for writing on paper and other surfaces such as stone!
  • Magnet to enable mounting on ferrous surfaces
  • Button with a built-in battery level indicator

Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

To choose between the various pen functions you want, simply swap the heads! At any one time, the E61 can have 2 of these head attachments, thanks to its double swivel head which can be pulled out, rotated and snapped back into place!  To change the head, simply rotate it counter clockwise to remove it and screw the new one the other way to attach!

Worried about it the pen running out? No need - the E61 comes with 5 refills and you can also buy additional refills which come in boxes of 50 and are also compatible with the Wuben G3 keychain EDC! Also, remember that its inkless pen attachment never runs out - it gives an effect similar looking to a pencil but is much more difficult to rub out!


The 'W' button not only switches on the flashlight and cycles through the modes, it is also a battery charge level indicator! A single click turns it on and off, a long press cycles it through the white light outputs of low, medium and high and a double click activates the red and blue flashing beacon lights! The table below shows the meaning of the button's battery indicator display to tell you how much charge (C) is left:

Button indication

Battery charge (C)

Constant blue light for 5 seconds

C ≥ 90%

Blue light flashes for 5 seconds

90% > C ≥ 40%

Red light constant on for 5 seconds

40% > C ≥ 15%

Red light flashes

15% > C > 0%


Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Pen With Flashlight

Outdoor use for the E61

As well as needing a pen, at some point, you will also require portable lighting when you are outdoors and this can also include during daytime hours, as you may have to look into dark and enclosed areas to find objects. The E61 allows you to always have a reliable light source which will relieve your phone battery from when using its flashlight app. The E61 emits up to 130 lumens and has a maximum runtime of up to 15 hours! In comparison a phone flashlight, when using no other apps also lasts around 15 hours but emits a maximum output of around 40 lumens.

Outdoor scenarios where the E61 would be useful:

  • Building sites: in dark areas such as confined spaces, the torch and pen combination will allow you to fill forms on the spot and if in danger, the beacon lights can be activated to help you get attention or be found in the dark
  • Security/police/armed services work: the inkless pen is reliable and will always allow you to write notes in severe weather and the zirconium bead attachment can be used as a tactical strike tool for self defence and for breaking glass!
  • Camping: as well as being used as an ordinary pen, the E61's beacon lights will help you call for assistance if in danger and the white lights will enable you to read maps and signage in the dark and allow you to be seen by traffic when hiking as well as being able to provide light inside your tent
  • As an accessory in a vehicle: for example when jumpstarting a vehicle in the dark, it can be magnetically attached to the hood and adjusted to a suitable angle to easily light up the engine bay whilst freeing your hands. It can also be clipped to your top pocket and will be useful when looking for objects inside your vehicle.  The beacon lights can also help you be found if the vehicle breaks down in the dark and if you are trapped inside the vehicle, the zirconium bead attachment can be used to break a window to exit


The table below shows the specifications to help decide if the Wuben E61 is suited for you!





Red-blue beacon lights


130 ʅ 40





1+45 mins

2.5 hours

15 hours


Throw distance: 8m

Intensity: 540 candela

Waterproof: IP66

Weight: 54g

Dimensions/mm: 143x17.8x12.5

Impact resistance: 1m

Battery: LiPo, 120 mAh

Charge time: 2 hours

USB interface: Micro USB



The E61 comes in a sturdy and highly presentable box with a sleeve and magnetic lid to make an impressive gift! This box contains:

  • The 4 pen attachments - inkpen, inkless pen, stylus and zirconium bead heads
  • Micro-USB charge cable
  • 5 refills for its ink pen
  • Spare O-rings to prolong the life of the flashlight

The premium edition also comes with the AS61 cowhide pen light holster and 50 additional ink pen refills! 

Multifunction EDC Pen With Flashlight

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  • Brian Anderson
    May 24, 2023 at 12:29

    Would a constant red be an option? Less likely to attract flying pests.
    Having the torch rotate could convert it to hands free from a pocket.
    Is there a way you could double up the pen, striker, stylus and ink less marker to be able to carry all four rather than having attachments that will get lost?


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