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NEW - Best Wuben Tactical Penlight Now Available!!

Oct 27, 2021

NEW - Best Wuben Tactical Penlight Now Available!!

People always ask me why I carry a tactical penlight in my purse wherever I go, let me share with you a true story. A couple of years ago, I was stalked by a stranger, such a traumatic event gave me PTSD, and for a period, I felt unsafe and insecure, I was anxious to go out at night. 

Being stalked can be frightening, and this is especially true for a woman. I guess at the end of the day, the best way to make sure of our safety is to participate in self-defence class, learning how to escape with hands trapped.
But not until we all know martial arts, we still need some things to protect ourselves, such as a security flashlight or a tactical torch. Although we can protect ourselves with an array of tactical methods, after all, carrying a pepper spray or knife is illegal in many countries, that’s why I always have a mini tactical penlight with me.

I was introduced to tactical led penlights by a friend who is a police officer; he explained to me the benefits of carrying a quality penlight in the pocket are more than I imagined. But first, we need to select a small one with tactical designs. The best tactical penlight should feature an attack head or detachable surgical blade, be waterproof and come with a rechargeable battery. More importantly, it should have at least a 400 lumens beam and over 60m throw.

These requirements may sound demanding, but Wuben E62 has them all. E62 features a high-quality surgical blade No 11 and led flashlight with 400 lumens, the pen-shaped tool weighs only 47g, it fits in almost all pockets. The coexistence of small size and durability is calculated in E62, it also passed the 1.5-meter anti-drop test!

Wuben E62

Powerful Four Modes LED flashlights
Delivers a maximum output of 130 lumens. The flashlight runs for up to 15 hours with a minimum brightness setting.

Powerful LED Flashlight

Powerful Glass Breaker Self-defense 
The tungsten steel attack head can break a window. You can use it to open a box, a tin can, effectively defend yourself, etc.
Convenient EDC Knife
Features a high-quality surgical blade No 11,
it's more than enough to hotmeat or veggies into pieces while camping.
Sharp the twigs and wood easily.
EDC Knife
Gift for husband or boyfriend!
Give Safety
A Pen Worth Carrying

Wuben Light for Gift


There are many reasons for carrying a tactical penlight around, whether you are a single woman looking for a self-defense tool; or an outdoor enthusiast who simply needs a multifunctional tool, E62 is definitely the best bang for your buck!

For more information, go check it out on  https://www.wubenlight.com/products/e62

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  • Max
    Oct 29, 2021 at 14:33

    I saw the news on web. The careless parents left their 5-year-old daughter in the car. And there is nobody in the parking ground. And it’s so hot in the car. After, when the parents were going to bed, they couldn’t find their daughter. When they get back to the car, The girl is dead already.
    So I bought this tool for the car. And I will tell my boy how to break the window with it.
    Thanks, Wuben, thanks for this tool!


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