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WUBEN G2 Multi-functional EDC Keychain Light - 500 Lumens

Feb 18, 2023

WUBEN G2 Multi-functional EDC Keychain Light - 500 Lumens

This WUBEN G2 Multi-functional EDC Keychain Light is a must-have tool in your arsenal when you need reliable light on the go.With its advanced P9 LED flashlight, the WUBEN G2 delivers up to 500 lumens of bright light, making it a powerful lighting solution.

wuben G2

The light's body is built from tough 6061 aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which ensures it can withstand scratches and drops. The work light is designed in a slim stick shape, measuring 58.5 x 27mm, which makes it incredibly compact and easy to carry around. With a weight of only 28g, it offers unbeatable convenience in many different scenarios. The keychain light offers multiple brightness settings and comes with a battery life indicator, allowing you to easily monitor the remaining charge. When charging, the light's indicator turns red, while it turns blue when fully charged. The WUBEN G2 incorporates a USB-C port, making charging faster and more straightforward, compared to Micro-USB.

wuben G2 is equipped with a magnetic base

The light features clip grooves on both sides that enable easy attachment and detachment of the clip. This makes it a breeze to fix the key light on your cap, collar, strap, or other objects. Additionally, the quick-release mechanism is equipped with a magnetic base, which creates a secure attachment to metallic surfaces and frees up your hands.

wuben G2 can last up to 70 hours

The light is perfect for workshop operations, car maintenance, outdoor camping, and other lighting scenarios. With a long battery life, the light can last up to 70 hours, while recharging takes only 1.5 hours. The WUBEN G2 has no heating issues during charging, making it safe and durable. The charging port features a dust cover, which provides exceptional protection against dust. The light has five brightness modes (Moon-Low-Med-High-Turbo) to cater to your different lighting needs.

WUBEN G2 delivers up to 500 lumens of bright light

Nice practical gift for kids or adults, Birthday or Christmas! Don’t you want it? The choice is yours!

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