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Comparison of Differences Between Different Versions of Wuben X0

Jun 24, 2023

Wuben X0 EDC Flashlight

Wuben X0, the inaugural version of the Wuben X series launched in June 2022, has revolutionized the EDC flashlight market. The X0 shines brightly with an astonishing brightness of 1100 Lumens, all while maintaining a compact size of only 57 x 24.5 x 28 mm. Its magnetic base ensures convenient hands-free, while its interactive cover adds a playful element to its design. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional in need of a portable lighting solution, or simply someone who appreciates innovation and interactivity, the Wuben X0 exceeds expectations and stands out as an exceptional choice.

The Wuben X0 EDC flashlight currently incorporates two types of LED, three different materials, and is available in a total of six versions. The image below illustrates the distinctions between the various versions.

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Wuben X0 variants differ in terms of LED Type, Material, Size, Product Weight, and Shipping Weight

Version LED Type Material Size (L x W x H) Product Weight Shipping Weight
Aluminum Black OSRAM P9 Aluminum 57mm x 24.5mm x 28mm 82g 156g
Aluminum White NICHIA 519A
Titanium Version-Grey Titanium 105g 178g
Titanium Version-Green
Titanium Version-Cracked Glaze
Brass Brass 131g 232g

The different types of LEDs have different effects, the Wuben X0 Aluminum Black version using the OSRAM P9 LED, while the other versions utilize the NICHIA 519A LED. The image below showcases the specific parameters for these two types of LEDs.

The detailed specifications of the two LED types in the Wuben X0
Wuben X0 Specs
As we currently offer only one version of the Wuben X0 flashlight with the OSRAM P9 LED, while the other versions feature the NICHIA 519A LED, you don't necessarily need to prioritize the LED type when choosing the Wuben X0. Instead, you can consider factors such as the X0's material, price, and other features as your primary considerations. However, if you have a preference for the OSRAM P9 LED, there is no need to hesitate - simply go ahead and purchase the Wuben X0 in the Aluminum Black version.


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