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Wuben E7 Review: Compact 2-in-1 Headlamp and EDC Flashlight

Dec 20, 2023

Wuben E7

Wuben E7 Review: 2-in-1 headlights

    Wuben E7 specifications

    Brand/model Wuben E7
    LED OSRAM P9 x 2
    Max. Lumens 1800 lm
    Max. Beam intensity/distance 4356 cd / 132 meters
    Body Material Aluminum
    Battery config. 18350 1100mAh Li-ion battery
    Onboard charging USB-C
    Modes 4 (Turbo, High, Med, Low)
    Blinkies Strobe/SOS
    Waterproof IP68
    Weight 79.6 g / 2.81 oz (With battery)
    Size 60.6 mm × 24 mm × 28.01 mm
    Magnetic Design Yes
    Review publication date Dec 20, 2023

    Wuben E7 Overview

    Wuben is a very popular brand amongst flashlight users, worldwide. Especially when it comes to EDC flashlights. One of the most popular EDC flashlights of the past was the Wuben X0 (including all different versions), but don’t forget they also have a serious lineup of headlamps.

    Upon perusing Wuben official website, you'll encounter a comprehensive selection of approximately four distinct headlamp categories, including the innovative detachable L-shape headlamps. These versatile devices not only serve as headlamps but can also function as conventional EDC flashlights. In this review, we'll delve into one of the most compact and possibly the most diminutive right-angle (L-shape) headlamps in Wuben's product portfolio. It boasts an exceptional combination of minimal weight and compact dimensions.

    Package quality

    While writing this, I keep referring to it as a EDC light, but it’s probably better to call it a headlamp consistently. The E7 arrived in a Minimalistic box with the following:

    • Wuben E7
    • P1 Headband
    • Wuben 18350 battery (1100mAh)
    • USB-C charging cable
    • Lanyard
    • O-ring * 2
    • Papers: manual + warranty in one

    Flashlight in Use

    Of course, we’re talking about a headlamp, the E7 is attached to the headband using a durable metal clamp. While the clamp possesses significant rigidity, it's remarkably easy for most children attempting to secure the E7 within it. All they need to do is gently insert the E7 and give it a light press, and it's securely fastened to the headband.

    Due to this specific design, it guarantees stability during activities like jogging, making the headlamp highly portable. Furthermore, accidental impacts won't easily displace the headlamp, which is a feature that should be regarded as an advantage rather than a drawback.

    When you wish to detach the E7, a simple press of the bottom lever makes it effortless to remove. This process is just as straightforward for children.

    For individuals accustomed to flashlights featuring single-click operation for both turning on and off, the E7 will prove to be remarkably user-friendly.

    Another noteworthy feature is the incorporation of a soft rubber lining on the inner side of the headband. This rubberized material is evidently designed to enhance the headband's adherence to your forehead or a helmet, thereby ensuring secure positioning.

    Build Quality, and Warranty

    E7 headlamp, with a mere 80 grams in weight (including the battery), is constructed from ADC12 aluminum alloy, and its surface is treated using a high-efficiency electrophoretic deposition process in a corrosion-resistant black finish. This process not only enhances heat dissipation but also contributes to its robust and wear-resistant characteristics, all while ensuring a comfortable grip.

    Whether you're tinkering under the hood of your car, setting up a campsite, or simply seeking a convenient and secure lighting solution, the E7's magnetic attachment feature provides exceptional utility. The robust magnet ensures a firm and reliable connection.

    Furthermore, the E7 headlamp boasts a magnetic attachment feature at its base. This innovative functionality is designed to elevate your lighting experience across various scenarios. With ease, you can attach and detach the headlamp from diverse metal surfaces, delivering hands-free illumination precisely when you need it.

    This attribute positions the E7 headlamp as the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals in search of a convenient, adaptable, and dependable lighting solution. Discover the convenience of magnetic attachment with the E7 headlamp and enjoy a hands-free lighting solution as versatile as it is practical.

    Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty from Wuben

    LED, Lens, and Reflector

    • Two OSRAM P9 white light LEDs
    • Available in 6500K and 5000K versions

    The E7 doesn’t use a reflector, but a TIR optic. TIR optical components harness the principles of total internal reflection to precisely control and direct the light beam. This capability enables the E7 headlamp to deliver more accurate and uniform illumination. Furthermore, it minimizes light scattering, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced energy wastage.

    Compared to conventional reflector mirror designs, TIR optical components provide a more compact form factor, making the headlamp lightweight and easily portable. Additionally, they reduce glare, offering a more comfortable user experience, particularly during outdoor activities or extended periods of illumination.


    • L: 60.6 mm / 2.38 ”
    • W: 24 mm / 0.94 ”
    • H: 28.01 mm / 1.10 ”

    • Empty: 53.5 g / 1.89 oz.
    • With battery: 79.6 g / 2.81 oz.
    • With headband: 134.6 g / 4.75 oz.

    Note: These measurements are based on actual measurements and may vary slightly when measured with different tools or methods. This variation is a common aspect of precise measurement in the field of flashlight technology.

    Driver & User Interface

    Moving on to the user interface, Wuben has implemented a highly intuitive and simplified operational system in the E7. It employs a single click to power it on and another single click to power it off, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.

    Available modes:
    • Low, Medium, High, Turbo
    • Special modes: Strobe and SOS

    From OFF:
    • Single-click: to last used mode, (mode memory)
    • Double click: Turbo
    • Triple-click: Strobe, another triple click for SOS (and single click will make it turn off again)
    • 4 clicks: Lock or Unlock

    From ON:
    • Single-click: off
    • Double click: Turbo
    • Triple-click: Strobe, another triple click for SOS (a single click returns to previously used mode)
    • Press and hold: run through the menu from low to high (no Turbo)

    • To Turbo: Double click
    • To Moon or Low: none

    Mode memory:
    • Yes

    Blinky modes menu:
    • Strobe and SOS

    Battery status: When the light is turned off, use a single-click to read the following battery status.
    • Constant blue: 90%+
    • Blue flashing: 40-90%
    • Constant red: 15-40%
    • Red flashing: 0-15%
    Note: This only works with Wuben battery.

    Lock-out mode:
    • From off: 4 Clicks. TThe light will blink three times to indicate lockout activation. Repeat to unlock.

    Batteries & Charging

    Wuben has thoughtfully included a 18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery with the flashlight, boasting a commendable total capacity of 1100mAh.

    The 18350 battery is not only rechargeable but can also be charged directly within the flashlight or using your dedicated lithium-ion charger. It’s important to be aware that these smaller batteries are more susceptible to damage from overcharging, so it’s crucial to be mindful of the charge current (measured in mA) it receives when using a standalone charger. However, with the built-in charger, this concern is automatically addressed.

    While charging, a discreet red indicator behind the switch informs you of the ongoing process, turning green upon reaching a charge status exceeding 90%.

    Charging Speed: The charging speed, denoted as the charge current, is approximately 0.89A (890mA), which is the charging current for the flashlight when it has low battery levels. Through practical testing, it has been determined that reaching 90% charge takes about 1.25 hours, and going from an empty battery to full charge takes approximately 1.5 hours.

    Note: The standard charging input is 5V/1A, but the charging speed may vary based on the current charge status of the battery. Typically, charging is faster when the battery is at a lower charge, and as the battery nears full capacity, the charging speed may slow down to prevent overcharging.

    Wuben E7 Runtime Graph

    Wuben E7 Runtime Graph
    Note: The runtime test was done with the 100cm integrating sphere.

    Wuben 100cm integrating sphere

    Wuben 100cm integrating sphere

    E7 on the Wuben integrating sphere

    E7 on the Wuben integrating sphere

    E7 on the Wuben integrating sphere

    E7 on the Wuben integrating sphere 2

    Wuben E7 User Manual

    Conclusive Assessment

    The Wuben E7 is a versatile and affordable headlamp with a number of great features, including extended runtime with a battery extender, gesture sensor compatibility, built-in Type-C charging, and allows for headband-free operation. However, it lacks a red light mode and may be considered bulky by some users.

    Note: Battery extender and gesture sensor are not included and need to be purchased separately.

    E7YCT Battery Extender for E7

    Battery Extender


    AP40 Gesture Sensor for E7

    Gesture Sensor


    Pros and Cons

    • Battery extender compatibility
    • Affordable price
    • Type-C charging
    • Headband-free operation
    • Gesture sensor compatibility
    • No red light mode
    • Can be a bit bulky for some users

    4.5 stars: ★★★★⋆

    1 Star: Bad - Not Recommended, Falls significantly below fundamental performance standards.
    2 Stars: Poor – Presents substantial defects or issues.
    3 Stars: Average – Displays noticeable flaws or drawbacks that impede optimal performance.
    4 Stars: Good – Satisfactory overall, with minor issues; a reasonable recommendation.
    5 Stars: Excellent – Outstanding performance, highly recommended for its exceptional features and functionality, with minimal or negligible drawbacks.

    Buy the Wuben E7

    E7 Headlamp
    E7 EDC Light


    • The Wuben Team
      Jan 15, 2024 at 10:53

      Olá Mizael,

      Agradecemos por escolher a Wuben-E7! Abaixo estão as dimensões da bateria de 1100mAh:

      Diâmetro: 18.5 ± 0.15
      Comprimento: 38.5 ± 0.3

      Esperamos que essas informações sejam úteis para a sua compra no AliExpress. Se precisar de mais alguma coisa, não hesite em nos chamar. Tenha um ótimo dia!


    • Mizael
      Jan 15, 2024 at 10:44

      Bom dia, me chamo mizael, sou brasileiro. Comprei uma Wuben-E7 no aliexpress e estou precisando saber as dimensões da bateria de 1100mAh. Poderia me enviar para que eu possa comprar no aliexpress pois não vi na loja revendedora. Quero usar a menor no capacete de bicicleta. Retirar o elástico e usar o farol sem o extensor. Por isso preciso comprar mais baterias pequenas. Mas pra isso preciso das dimensões da bateria de 1100mAh.


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