AP40 Gesture Sensor for E7

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New Gesture Sensor for Hands-Free Operation, Compatible with Wuben E7 Headlamp.

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AP40 Gesture Sensor for E7

Regular price $9.99
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $9.99


New Gesture Sensor for Hands-Free Operation, Compatible with Wuben E7 Headlamp.

Customer Reviews

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Monaco Mike (US)

A great way to use the E7 when you can't touch the on switch

Angel L Ramos (PR)
Great option for the E7

The Gesture Sensor has been a great addition to the E7. I can do more things when my comecial power goes of. I alwas have near by my E7 to help as we have had several problems with local power at peak hours which start at 6 to 6:30 PM. This is a great option that helps by using gestures to control the unit.

Tarik Hundley

One incredible underestimated flashlights in the market.

Darren Jones (GB)
Good potential.

Nice innovation and easy to setup. Works ok for simple operation on/off and so useful when out walking at night or working in a shed/garage. Often it does not register the hand gesture so I would not use it for night trail runs which is what I bought it for. Also little fiddly either waving had a few times through the sensor fort different operations or holding hand over to increase brightness. I would suggest a more simplified operation like just on/off for next version.

An (DE)
Not bad, but not good as well

The quality of this extra switch is rather good. Good materials and well fabricated! It works well with my new E7. Having an external switch can be quite handy, especially as the power button on the E7 is too small to push while wearing gloves.
However, the idea of a gesture control is nice but has flaws in certain moments. Like, when you work in tight spaces, the switch would activate unwanted, through your head moving along objects. But in open field maybe a nice gimmick.

Marty (US)
Works Just OK

The sensor works some times with the E7.
It only took about a year ford customer service to get me this device when I had an issue with it not being delivered. Then they charged me for 1/2 of the delivery. Then I get a device that does not always work. No way am I contacting customer service again.
Thank you