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About The Tactical Flashlight Function

May 20, 2022

About The Tactical Flashlight Function

Tactical flashlights

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is an important tool for keeping safe, self-defence and for being prepared in emergencies.

Tactical flashlights were originally made for aiding firearms to identify targets in low light environments.  They were primarily designed from law enforcement, security and military professionals. However, tactical flashlights do not need to be used alongside firearms, in fact they are often used as every day carry (EDC) flashlights by people who are not in the above mentioned professions because they are normally made with high quality and durable materials and tend to be powerful whilst remaining compact!

We will look are properties that make a flashlight tactical below:

Brightness:   Tactical flashlights need the ability to illuminate areas to investigate and get the attention of potential assailants.  They must also have the  ability to disorientate potential attackers, by temporarily blinding and making them turn away when the light is shined in their eyes.  Because of this, most tactical flashlights have an output greater than 1000 lumens.

Quick and easy operation: Tactical flashlights often have a tail switches to make it easy find the button and operate quickly, especially when also using a firearm. Side buttons tend to be more difficult to find in the dark because the flashlight will have to be positioned the correct way.  Some tactical flashlights have both tail and side switches.

Lightweight: Modern tactical flashlights have a size and weight to enable one hand operation and be easily carried in a holster or pocket.

Range of settings: There are two types of on settings - momentary-on and constant-on.  Momentary-on means only having to slightly press the button to turn it on and it will turn off as soon as the button is released.  Constant-on means clicking the button so it stays on.

Tactical flashlights also normally have strobe and SOS modes along with output settings High, Low, Medium, Low and Eco modes. Strobe is a mode to disorientate and cause an assailant to feel nauseous.  As well as temporarily blinding , strobe also makes the person feel uncomfortable due to the principle of 'flicker vertigo' (also known as the 'Bucha effect') which is when light with a frequency of 1-20 Hz, which is the same as that of brainwaves, causes feelings of sickness.  When the assailant feels this way due to strobe, it gives time to the flashlight user to subdue or escape from the assailant.

The Wuben T1 has a unique tail-switch - which has both momentary-on and constant-on modes but when pressed to the left or right is always ready to strobe at 2000 lumens!

Reliability: Long run times should are essential for night shifts and the tactical flashlight should also be easy to recharge, for example with a USB-C cable.  To ensure that the flashlight can withstand severe weather, it should ideally be IP68 waterproof rated which means it can be submerged in 2m underwater for 1 hour. It should also be impact resistant for drops of at least 1.5m.

Strike bezels: Tactical flashlights can be used to strike an assailant with its hardened bezel which helps with self-defence.  The bezel can also be used to break glass.   

Tactical Mode & Outdoor Mode

Easy switching between the two modes to meet your needs at any time.

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight has two modes

Using a tactical flashlight for self-defence

  • The FBI technique is a well known method to use a tactical flashlight to help you hide your location and trick potential attackers. To do this, hold the tactical flashlight away from your body and direct the beam in a different direction.
  • The flash and scan technique requires a flashlight that’s either momentarily-on or has a fast on-off switch.  It does not work if you have to scroll through lighting modes to turn off your flashlight. To do the flash and scan technique:
    • Stand still
    • Shine the flashlight
    • Quickly observe the area and look for threats and obstacles to form a mental map
    • Turn the flashlight off
    • Move, using that mental map
    • Repeat
    • If you see a threat, move in a fast and unpredictable way
    • An assailant is likely to attack your last known position, which is where your light was shining from
  • If an assailant is trying to attack you, shine the beam directly into his eyes. This will temporarily blind him.  At this point you can either escape or crack him in the face with the strike bezel or kick him in the groin!  The chin is an effective strike area and if you are taller than the assailant, it is easier for you to strike the temple.
  • If you are armed with a gun, the tactical flashlight will help you to aim.

Remember, you do not have to work in a security related profession to benefit from having a tactical flashlight! They are excellent for everyday carry use as well as for camping and hiking as they are durable, compact and have long lasting batteries! Also if they are IP68 rated, they can even be used for SCUBA diving!

The T series is Wuben's tactical range, have a look at the parameters below to find the tactical flashlight most suited for yourself!  All of these have a strike bezel, have strobe and SOS modes and are IP68 waterproof!

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight - 2000 Lumens

【Long Runtime Tactical FlashlightFeatures up to 100-hour runtime making this the perfect tactical light for hiking, camping, hunting, and self-defense with its exceptional performance. T1 Tactical Flashlight Only sale $89.99!

【Fabulous Performance】T101 pro delivers an output of up to 3500 lumens with a maximum range of 500 meters and offers a runtime of up to 290 hours. Get 40% OFF,Shop Now!

Wuben T101 Pro Hunting Flashlight - 3500 Lumens

Wuben T102 Pro Tactical Flashlight - 3500lumens

【 Incredible performance 】T102 Pro utilizes CREE XHP70.2 LED, with a max output of 3500 lumen and the longest throw is 500 meters, making it perfect for searching or outdoors adventuring. Get 40% OFF,Shop Now!

【 Powerful Light 】T103 Pro utilizes CREE XHP35 LED, with a max output of 1280 lumens and the longest throw is 508 meters, making it perfect for searching or outdoors adventuring. Get 40% OFF,Shop Now!

Wuben T103 Pro Tactical Flashlight - 1280lumens

Wuben T70 Tactical Flashlight - 4200 Lumens

【 Quality Output 】T70 adopts CREE HP 70.2 LED, it delivers a stable and bright output up to 4200 lumens.T70 Tactical Flashlight Only sale $119.99!


Max output/ lumens

Max throw/m

Lengthxdiameter and weight/g

Additional features




162mmx40mm, 215g

Unique tactical tail switch with 'tactical ' and 'outdoor' modes mechanical charge port seal

T101 Pro



259mmx65mm, 463g

Tail cap and side switch

T102 Pro



191mmx65mm, 421g

1/4 inch thread to mount as fill light

T103 Pro



172mmx42mm, 224g

Available in a beam color choice of warm white (T103W) and cool white (T103)




139.7mmx42mm, 261g

Step-less dimming, available in colors camo and black

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight!

G'day guys, I review the Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight and by the end of the video I'm very impressed with what it can produce! Hope you enjoy :-) Cheers... Mark.
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