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Top 10 EDC Items of the Year 2023 You Need (Everyday Carry)

Jan 01, 2023

Top 10 EDC Items of the Year 2023 You Need (Everyday Carry)

Everyday carry (EDC) or every-day carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day. We predict Top 10 EDC Items of the Year 2023. We dive into the gear you need. 


Top 10 EDC Items:

  1. Multitool

  2. Easy Carry Light

  3. Wallet

  4. Phone Case

  5. Key Holder

  6. Sunglasses

  7. Knife

  8. Pen

  9. Watch

  10. EDC survival kit



The James Brand’s The Ellis v2

The James Brand’s The Ellis v2 is a spartan yet style-conscious take on a multi-tool that offers a surprising amount of functionality considering the fact it only boasts a trio of tools.

Offered in seven different colors, with steel or Micarta scales, and with a straight or partially serrated blade, The Ellis v2 comes equipped with a set of folding and a pair of collapsible, Swiss Army Knife-style scissors, a 2.60” nail nick-opening blade composed of Sandvik 12C27, and TJB’s All-Things” scraper which can also conveniently double as a flat-head screwdriver or a pry tool. On top of a deep-carry formed-wire pocket clip.


2. Easy Carry Light- Wuben X0 Easy Carry Light (Tiny and Bright)

wuben lightok easy carry light X0

Enjoy a 15% discount on all Wuben X series products, including X0, X1, X2, and X3.

Wuben is an interesting company. They’ve been around for a long time and they really know how to build a quality product. And Wuben doesn’t just make “me too!” kind of flashlights. They come up with a lot of original designs and ideas; really not afraid to try something new and off the wall. And this new light – the Wuben X0 – is certainly different, and so was Wuben’s launch strategy.

Wuben X0 claims to be Tiny and Bright on the market. The X0 truly is short, and putting out 1,100 lumens is impressive. It’s a rugged little right-angle light that wasn’t afraid to wipe the drawing board of flashlight design and do something fresh.

【Small&Delicate&Lightweighted:】The stylish Wuben X0 is only with the size of 2.24x0.96x1.10 inches and 82g weight, can be used for everyday carry in pocket and bag.

【 Hand liberated: 】X0 features a sturdy clip and magnetic tailcap, make your Hand liberated.

【Lot of power in tiny volume:】Delivers 175°wide-angle, a max output of 1100 lumens and a 125m beam distance in tiny volume.

【DIY-Tritium Slots for Customization:】With its 8 slots, you can add tritium vials of the colors you want.

【Innovative 3-in-1 Button:】Designed to also offer stress relief, this serves as a switch, as well as providing optimal water and dust protection for its type-C USB charging port.

【Fast Charging:】Powered by a replaceable Li-ion 18350 battery, it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours but lasts up to 130 hours.


3. Wallet- Ekster Senate Cardholder WalletThe Ekster Senate cardholder wallet

The Senate Cardholder is Ekster’s slim storage wallet. They call it a smart wallet that is perfect for slim storage and quick card access. It’s made of leather and has a nifty aluminum card holder that fans your cards out at the click of a button.

Furthermore, Ekster is the only wallet that has introduced, trackability in the form of a tracker card that you simply slip into the wallet. If you happen to lose it, the tracker can be used to find exactly where your wallet is, which can come in handy.


4. Phone Case- Waves Protect wallet case

Waves Protect wallet case

A lesser-known company known as Waves Protect makes a very slim wallet case that is sort of an in-between version of the above two. The Waves Protect wallet case is extremely thin, with only a 1.2mm plastic shell and a hard leather cover with a magnetic clasp. It even has little spots for a SIM removal tool and a SIM card—not something most people need, but neat nonetheless. At such a thin size, it won’t hold as much as the options from Nomad, and it isn’t as protective as the Otterbox, but if you want something extremely thin and don’t need a ton of storage, it’s a well-made alternative.


5. Key Holders- KeySmart Pro with Tile Key OrganizerKeySmart Pro with Tile Key Organizer

Carrying keys comes with its own set of challenges, and the KeySmart Pro with Tile Key Organizer aims to solve all of them with its feature-packed design. It not only silences and organizes your keys in its double-pivot aluminum chassis, but it also ensures you never lose your keys again thanks to its integrated Tile tracker. It even features a built-in LED flashlight to help locate locks in low light and can act as a backup EDC flashlight in a pinch. Last but not least, its item tracker can even work to find your phone if you happen to lose it with the press of a button. Smart features aside, it houses 2-10 keys in a slim design.

  • Lightweight and discreet, easy assembly
  • Pair with the free Tile app on your smart phone to track your keys
  • Fits up to 10 of your existing keys
  • Loop piece allows you to attach larger items
  • Includes ultra-bright LED flashlight and bottle opener


6. Sunglasses- Outlaw Fugitive TAC

Outlaw Fugitive TAC

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement – they’re an essential piece of EDC gear. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they can also help you to see in bright conditions and spot potential hazards. As we head into 2023, there’s no excuse not to have a good pair of sunglasses on you at all times. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or simply spending time outdoors, they’ll help you to enjoy the experience while keeping your eyes safe.

Outlaw Fugitive TAC are premium aluminum-frame tactical sunglasses made for military personnel, law enforcement officers, bikers, construction workers, outdoor adventurers, and hell - even survivalists. Fugitive TAC is a High Performance Military and Motorcycle Aluminum Sunglass. Rock-solid aluminum frame & shatter-resistant UV-Blocking heavy-duty lens will give your eyes a world-class protection.





The James Brand on here somewhere, as the Portland-based blade outfit has challenged the EDC status quo ever since it launched back in 2011. That is to say, in an ever-crowded market of tactical, overtly militaristic knives, those from The James Brand are refreshingly sleek and simple.

We especially like The Carter for this reason; it balances clean lines and an understated aesthetic with a good dose of utilitarian functionality. Crafted using a robust 2.8-inch VG-10 steel blade and a grippy G-10 handle, it’s made only better by its trademark neon green thumb disc and simple drop point shape.

What’s more, The Carter is an incredibly convenient knife to carry, coming in at a pocketable 6.5 inches tip to butt and folding down to a compact 3.7 inches when closed. So, while it’s hardly the most exotic blade you can buy, it’s an option that’s perfect for newer EDC enthusiasts and anyone who wants an attractive-looking knife.


8. Pen - Fisher Space Pen Bullet


Fisher Space Pen Bullet


It’s hard to write a list of the best EDC pens without including the Fisher Space Pen. Not much has changed on the bullet pen over the years, but that’s more of a testament to Fisher getting it right the first time than a lack of innovation. The Bullet Pen is slim, sturdy, and writes anywhere. The pressurized cartridge inside allows you to write in the worst of conditions - underwater, upside down, through grease, and yes — in space.

Fisher Space Pens are rugged pens, advertised to write in any conditions: At any angle, even upside down, underwater, at any temperature from -30F to +250F, on most surfaces and even in outer space. They work in those conditions because they use a pressurized cartridge.


9. Watch- Seiko SPB143


Seiko SPB143


It’s no secret that watches are a big part of an everyday carry kit. Seiko SPB143 Prospex – If this is your budget, you can do no wrong with this one! I think it’s probably the greatest watch of the last several years from any manufacturer. It has an awesome movement with a 70 hour power reserve and it’s sized just right with a low profile which includes a real diving bezel and of course awesome lume.

Powering the SPB143 is Seiko’s 6R35 automatic movement. The 24 jewel calibre beats at 21,600 bph, and has a fairly average accuracy of +25 to -15 seconds per day. the SPB143 has a modest 40.5mm case, with a lug length of 47.6mm and a thickness of 13.2mm. It’s also a much more faithful homage to the 62MAS, and as a result it’s getting a lot of attention.


10. EDC Survival Kit



EDC Survival Kit


I keep a very small survival kit in my EDC backpack. Of course, I don’t intend on using a fishing kit when I step out the front door to go to work, and nor do I intend to have to use water purification pills or tinder and flint. These are highly unlikely scenarios, especially when you are thinking of an EDC list. But because of its size and practicality, I carry a small Altoid survival tin that fits in the palm of my hand and takes up very little space in my backpack.

Is this not an exhaustive list that will see you survive the next war or attack with the gear you are carrying? No. But these EDC gear ideas are ones that I have found through practical use are the best EDC gadgets. They are items that you can and will use, and will help you with whatever circumstances you are ‘likely’ to encounter.


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