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Reasons to choose Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Mar 31, 2022

Reasons to choose Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Reasons to choose Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight for Everyday Carry

Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Tips for choosing a flashlight

There is so much flashlight choice!  Different brands and different types of flashlight with their own individual specifications! We have summarised key factors and described one of the quickest and most easiest methods to find the most important information about a flashlight so you can get the one to suit your needs!  

A Cost-Effective EDC Flashlight

Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Wanna explore the evening beauty of nature? with C3, you can go wherever you want after dusk. Having a reliable light source boosts your safety in the wild, C3 features a powerful beam up to 1200 lumens, instantly lights up your surroundings.

ANSI FL1 standards

ANSI is an abbreviation for the American National Standards Institute, which is a non-profit organisation.   In 2009, ANSI created the 'FL1' standards to ensure that flashlight companies tested their products in the same way and used the same definitions and terminology.  This was to make it easier for the consumer to compare different torches. For your convenience, on this website, each of our flashlights has a summary table with their ANSI FL1 standard ratings.  These ANSI FL1 standard tables are by far one of the easiest ways to check if a flashlight is for you.  For an example, we are going to use this table which is for our popular C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight.

Wuben C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight

Some people suggest that you need light tools to carry in your car, but if you have C3 1200 Lumens Flashlight, instantly lights up your surroundings. Only sale $29.99!

【 Bright with long-range 】C2 is powerful with up to 2000 lumens and its longest beam throw is up to 358 meters.【 Rechargeable and Dischargeable 】C2 equipped with a rechargeable battery and it can also be used as a power bank to charge your Smartphone, camera, or walkie-talkie. C2 2000 Lumens  Flashlight . Only sale $46.99!

Wuben C2 2000 Lumen Power Bank Flashlight

The table shows specifications for 4 output modes - in this case the C3 has 'high', 'medium', 'low' and 'eco' modes.

This first area looked at is the 'output'.  This is measured in lumens and is a direct measure of brightness.  You can read more about lumens, beam (or throw) distance and candela here. As you can see, for 'high' mode it reads 1200 ʅ 500 and for run time it says 1min + 2.5hours.  This is actually the case for most high (or 'turbo') modes for modern flashlights, where for a brief period of time, typically a minute or sometimes 30 seconds, a flashlight will be at its brightest then drop to a lower output level.  The flashlights are engineered this way on purpose, to prevent them overheating and becoming damaged over time. Note that the other modes, 'medium' to 'eco' do not have this drop of output, because the output on those modes will not generate so much heat to cause damage.  The runtime shows that the C3 can emit 1200 lumens, for 1 minute before dropping to 500 lumens which it can emit for 2.5 hours.  In eco mode, it can stay on for 143 hours straight!  That's nearly 6 continuous days!

Next, there is 'runtime', beam distance, also known as 'throw'.  This also varies depending upon the mode of the flashlight, so the C3 can have a maximum range of 179m on high mode and this drops to 50m for medium, 10m for low and then 1m for eco.

'Candela' is next on the table and this is a measure of beam intensity and how focussed it is in 1 direction.  You can read more about candela here.  Generally speaking more candela means more throw distance, for example, the C3 gives 7985 candela in high mode with 179m distance and 30 candela for eco mode with 1m distance.

'Flash' modes are two other types of output settings which are in addition to the high to eco modes.  One of these a modes is the 'strobe' mode which can be used for self-defence and has a high output of 1200 lumens which is the flashlight's maximum output.  In strobe mode, the torch flashes very quickly to disorientate an assailant.  'SOS' mode is used for being found when lost and the C3 gives 200 lumens output for this.

The type of LED is sometimes given in these ANSI FL1 tables, in this case it's the Osram P9 for this C3 flashlight.  You can read more about LEDs used in flashlights here.

C3 Parameters

Next, there is 'impact resistance' i.e. how from how far you can drop the flashlight without damaging it.  In this case, for the C3, it is 1.5 metres.

The degree of protection from water and dust are determined by the 'IP' levels.  IP stands for 'ingress protection' and the C3 is 'IP68' rated.  The definition of this can be found below, along with other ratings which are common for flashlights.

IP rating



Protected  from low pressure water jets in any direction.


Protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure e.g. 2m under water from 1 hour.


Fully submersible in 1m of water for 30 minutes.


Can withstand continuous submersion in water.

Next on the ANSI FL1 table is weight, where it is given in both grams on ounces and for the flashlight both with and without its battery.  Finally, the length and diameter are given in both mm and inches.   The dimensions and weights are important considerations when choosing a flashlight!

Other considerations to help you choose a flashlight



Comparing the ANSI FL1 specs of similar flashlights and looking at their price differences along with their reviews is an effective way to decide whether you are getting good value for money or not.  Waiting for sales events is also good practice, but another way to save and get an amazing flashlight for a great price is to create an account on this website and follow Wuben on Facebook where you will get exclusive deals and coupon codes!  

Battery type and capacity

You can read about batteries used in flashlights here.  Generally speaking, at the moment, lithium ion batteries have the most advantages when compared to others, because they have higher capacity for the same size and can be conveniently charged with USB-C

Runtime up to 143 Hours

Powered by a customized 18650 high drain li-ion battery, plus the Type-c fast charging makes a refill in fast efficiency.

Plus the type-c fast charging makes a refill in fast efficiency

The materials used for the flashlights

You can read about materials used in flashlights here.  'Anodised' aluminium alloys are considered a good all-round choice because of their balance of density, heat dissipation qualities which allows more brightness, the fact that they can be painted in a variety of ways along with their overall cost effectiveness.  

Type of flashlight

Our EDC , tactical , pen lights, headlamps, bike lights, high power and camping flashlights can be found on this website - use the ANSI FL1 tables to find the ones to best suit your needs!


One of the most effective ways to choose a flashlight is to use the ANSI FL1 data tables, which allow you to quickly compare specifications of different torches. Luckily, on this website, Wuben has made it easy for you to check and compare the specs of its flashlights and has also included videos and reviews to help you make the right choice!

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Written by Charles BridgTec.
Here is the all new/brand new Wuben C3 flashlight kit. This runs on the included 18650. Uses a USB Type C charging system for quicker charge times. This sport the OSRAM P9 LED with special optics for illumination. The beam is more of flood but does have some throw. This is compact enough for EDC or rugged enough for tactical use as well.
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