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Wuben's Black Friday Continues: Illuminate Your Savings Journey!

Nov 24, 2023

Wuben Black Friday

Hello, flashlight enthusiasts and loyal Wuben supporters!

🌟🌟 We hope you've been enjoying the brilliance of our flashlights, and we're back with exciting news – the Black Friday extravaganza continues, with even more radiant deals added to brighten your shopping experience!

Relighting the Spark: Wuben Black Friday, Part 2

For those who joined us in our first dazzling act, get ready for an encore – we're adding more sparkle to your savings!

🎉🎉🎉Wuben's Black Friday Continues: Illuminate Your Savings Journey!🎉🎉🎉
Event Period From November 13th to November 27th (EST)
Products Included E19 UV version, H1, B2, A9, H5, and more.
Discount Offered Up to 40% off
Sale Start Time 8:00 AM on November 13th
Sale End Time 8:00 AM on November 27th
Event Link WUBEN Black Friday
Please note "Most products on our event page have discounted prices displayed, while for the rest, use discount code NS25."

Revisiting the Brilliance: "Wuben Black Friday: Lighting Up Savings, One Beam at a Time!"

Our previous Black Friday event is still in full swing, and now we're amping up the excitement with additional discounts on an extended range of products. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, DIY enthusiast, or someone prioritizing safety, we have the perfect flashlight solution just for you.

New Additions to Brighten Your Day. Joining our star-studded lineup are new additions set to elevate your flashlight experience:

Wuben E19 365nm UV LED Pen Light:
The Wuben E19 365nm UV LED Pen Light is an indispensable tool for both household and business owners. Its super useful features include the ability to detect counterfeit money, jade, pet urine, sphagnum phosphorus, and oil pollution. Weighing just 44g with the battery and measuring 133mm × 14.8mm, it's incredibly portable. The E19UV boasts a powerful 365nm UV light LED with a maximum output of 850mW, powered by 3A batteries. Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it features a water-resistant and skid-drop design for exceptional durability. With a simple press of the tail button, users can easily toggle between the 850mW and 165mW output for various applications.

Wuben H1 Headlamp:
The Wuben H1 Headlamp is a high-power and versatile lighting solution, providing a maximum of 1200 lumens to cast a wide beam that effortlessly illuminates surroundings. Featuring intelligent charging IC technology, it is powered by a 2600mAh 18650 li-ion battery, chargeable with a micro-USB cable and equipped with a built-in chip to prevent overheating. The H1 offers high flexibility and adjustability, allowing users to alter the beam throw from 100 to 180 degrees according to their needs. Waterproof with an IP68 rating and capable of withstanding a 1-meter drop, the H1 is both durable and reliable. Weighing only 54g, it ensures comfort during prolonged wear with its non-slip, soft, and durable headband.

Wuben B2 Bike Light:
The Wuben B2 Bike Light is a sturdy and durable illumination solution crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy, providing abrasion resistance and shockproof performance. With a maximum output of 1300 lumens and a beam throw reaching up to 280 meters, this bike light offers high visibility for safer rides. The rotating shaft design facilitates easy installation and removal, and it comes with a secure holder. Compatible with both 18650 and 21700 li-ion batteries, the B2 offers multiple power sources, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for cycling enthusiasts.

Wuben A9 12000 Lumen High Power Flashlight:
The Wuben A9 12000 Lumen High Power Flashlight stands out with its high performance, powered by three quality LED chips, providing a maximum output of 12000 lumens with an impressive beam throw of 420 meters. Equipped with a 10200 lithium-ion battery featuring a Type-C interface for charging, it offers unparalleled battery capacity, providing 23 days of use on 20 lumens after a full charge. The adjustable brightness levels, ranging from Low to Turbo, make it a versatile choice for various scenarios. With a water-resistant aluminum body boasting an IP68 rating, this flashlight is resistant to submersion up to 2m underwater for up to 1 hour, ensuring durability and reliability. Versatile and multipurpose, it is an ideal companion for camping, hiking, and everyday use.

Wuben H5 Headlamp:
The Wuben H5 Headlamp is a versatile lighting tool designed for daily use. Its 360 rotating-beam feature allows users to adjust the beam angle according to their specific needs. The magnetic design on both the light tail and back clip makes it easy to attach the H5 to metallic surfaces for hands-free operation. With a brightness of up to 400 lumens and a beam angle of 175 degrees, the H5 is suitable for a wide range of daily activities. Compatible with 2A battery and 14500 lithium-ion battery, the H5 ensures a convenient and reliable power source. Its dual functionality as a headlamp and mini flashlight makes it a compact and versatile gear that you wouldn't want to miss.

Limited-Time Brilliance – Act Now!

Our Black Friday event isn't just a sale; it's an experience. From now until November 27th (EST), seize the opportunity to own Wuben's premium flashlights at incredible discounts – up to 40% off! Check out the deals on E19 UV version, H1, B2, A9, H5, and more.

Quick Details:

  • Event Period: November 13th to November 27th (EST)
  • Discount Offered: Up to 65% off
  • Sale Link: Wuben Black Friday
  • Note: "Most products on our event page have discounted prices displayed, while for the rest, use discount code NS25."

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Thank you for being part of the Wuben community. Let's make this Black Friday shine brighter than ever before!

Happy adventuring,

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