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5 User Scenarios of the flood flashlight

Dec 31, 2021

wuben d1 flood edc flashlight

There are many LED flashlights available on the market, some of them are multifunctional and versatile. In addition to the lumens, size, and price tag, users may also need to consider the beam pattern when purchasing a flashlight. If you plan to use a flashlight to illuminate a larger amount of space, a flashlight with a flood beam will serve you the best.

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A flashlight's flood refers to the width of its beam angle, alight with a wide flood will light up a large area around you; if you are not sure whether a spotlight or floodlight suits you better,  below are some of the users’ scenarios for your reference.

Scenario 1: Camping

Going camping with friends is pretty much the best thing ever, this is particularly true for those who enjoy relaxing around the campfire and playing card games. A floodlight is perfect in this scenario as it illuminates the entire campsite, and users can place a floodlight inside a tent for reading in the evening as well.

Scenario 2: Road Maintenance

Floodlights are an artificial form of light with a broad beam, it is ideal for an area where plenty of artificial light is needed, such as a temporary construction site. Using floodlights at construction sites won’t give workers on a drilling rig or road crew eye strain from fighting glare and dark shadows, especially those who must work for long hours.

Scenario 3: Night Fishing

If you love fishing, sure you know the importance of the right floodlight when fishing after dusk. A floodlight can illuminate the entire riverside, or you can also hang up a flood flashlight over the side of a boat as its light beam will cover the entire boat deck.

Scenario 4: Backyard BBQ

The backyard party is fun! If you are fond of having a backyard BBQ party in the evening, a flood flashlight is what you need. A flood flashlight can be powerful and bright, it ensures you won’t burn your steak or lobster!

Scenario 5: Power Outage/Emergency

A flood flashlight is your backout partner! As it functions as an emergency light source, and it got to be on the top of your list of power outage supplies. A flood flashlight is good enough to guide a family of 2 to 3 out of the darkness as its wide beam can light up a large space.

Best flood flashlights for 2022

Wuben features an array of products, from the spotlight, headlamps to floodlight if you are looking for a reliable flood flashlight as a backup lighting source or your camping trip. Below are some of the models you may consider purchasing.

Wuben H5

#Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight

Wuben D1 high lumens flashlights utilize one piece of CREE XPL-HI 6500K LED, it offers up to 1100 lumens, with a multi angle and as wide as 175 degrees, the combination of a high beam and dipped beam can illuminate a large amount of space according to your needs.

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