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Mar 05, 2021


Why we need a headlamp?

Remember the days when the only methods we had of lighting the darkness were just candles and lanterns? Those days have already gone and now we have entered an age where light is literally at the tip of our fingers. With just a flip of a switch or a push of a button, we can illuminate the world around us easily. Headlamps, while very useful and versatile, are unfortunately an always overlooked light source in our life.

Wuben Light for Camping

Generally speaking, tourists or others that engaged in ourdoor activities might be struck by road traps or vehicles not only because they can't see the road specifics clearly but also the drivers do not see them, for one reason or another. The common thread in nearly every one of these incidents is that we were not aware of the surroundings around us, or drivers are not aware of the pedestrian ahead. Some even claim they didn't know they hit a people and no assistance is given to the him or her in the greatest time of need as the driver doesn't stop. Headlamps can be used for a variety of reasons and have a number of useful and practical applications. Here’re 8 reasons why we need a headlamp.

1. Camping and Hiking

Most people enjoy camping or hiking when they're taking a holiday. Outdoor camping can generate happiness for family expecially for kids. But camping areas can be dangerous places at night. Not only are the surroundings unfamiliar, but there are tent spikes and logs to trip over, wild animals prowling, or a campfire that may not have gone all the way out. Imagine if you need to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night or to retrieve something that you left in the car. If you use a headlamp, you won’t risk life in something dangerous or terrifying. Not only that, but you can use a headlamp to read a few pages in a book, or look at a map to plan out your path for the following days hiking before you fall asleep.

 2. Home Repairs or Other Projects

Home repairs and tasks seems to come at you by the droves. There is the leaky faucet, the plugged up sink drain, or the furnace that’s making that strange noise in the basement. Sometimes, imagine if you will need to repair your car in your yard, it will be troublesome to hold a flashlight and a tool in hand, what better way to do this than going hands-free with a headlamp? You only need to press the switch, then the lights will go out with it. Using flashlights and candles to navigate a blackout isn’t always convenient. Wearing a headlamp during a blackout is a great way to fight the dark and get light when and where you need it the most. If you accidently get a power failure in your family at night, the first thing you need to do must be lighting the darkness for your family members to give them safety and warm.

Wuben Light Tool

3. Hide-And-Go-Seek

This is a game that most people love to play in childhood. It is even more fun when played at night due to the darkness makes it much more exciting moments. Running around in pitch black surroundings can be fun but scary as well. Try to make your kids' favorite game more safer by fitting them with headlamps. It will make it easier for them to run and hide out in the yard without worrying about running into somewhere dangerous or scaring each other. When they find their hiding place, they can click off their light to avoid detection. Both safe for kids finding their way home and adults finding their kids.

Wuben Light for Running

4. Reading at Night

If you prefer reading on the bed before you go to bed rather than reading under the desk lamp, a headlamp might be a savior for you. Getting out of bed to turn the light off when you’re done with your life trivia can be a real pain. If you share your room with your significant other, he or she might not appreciate the entire room being lit up while you read as well. A headlamp can easily help you out of these trouble. Liberating your hands by using a headlamp to read a few pages in a book, or look at a map to plan out your path for the next day’s hiking before you fall asleep. After finishing your reading under a headlamp, simply turn off your headlamp and put it aside. Your partner gets the added benefit of not having to sleep in a well-lit room.

5. Walking Your Dog

If you're planning to walk your dog outside at night, it might be troublesome that two hands holding different items. Needless to say, it’s not always at the most convenient of times. When holding a leash and trying to control an excited pet, holding a flashlight isn’t always an ideal way. A headlamp can provide you with the convenience of light that you need to walk your dog, allowing you to see what’s around you and allowing drivers to see you and your pet clearly.

6. Working on Cars

Most fathers might have one car or two in garage. Have you ever had to repair a car in the dark place or have you had to get underneath a car only to find that the lighting was not sufficient enough to get the job done? A headlamp can easily free your hands so that you can finish your job more convenient and efficient. Providing you with hands-free light no matter where and when you need it, these lamps can make your car repair task go much easier.

7. Night Running

Most of people nowadays enjoy running or jogging to keep a good fit. Either you go for running during the day or night, you will need a clear vision ahead of you to see where there might be trees, animals, cars, and even other people in your way. You may also need to see behind you if you get the sense that someone is chasing you. You will need to see areas of debris that may cause you to trip and fall. You will also want to see cliffs, preferably before you run over the edge. Headlamps are just likely designed to make sense to help you light your way and keep your safety.

8. Fishing

As we all know that some professional fishermen go fishing early in the morning before it is light outside. They know that this is the period of time when fish bite. Though lots of fishermen choose fishing early in the morning, there're still many people prefer fishing at night. The only problem is it is still dark outside. If you have a headlamp, you can see your way around and see how to bait a hook. You can find your way into your boat without falling over the edge which is easy to do when you are half-asleep anyway. Our newest product WUBEN H3 offers red and blue warning lights, solid red helps you owns the penetrability in fog and locate your partners; solid blue provides distinct vision in night fishing without disturbing the fish and red flickering light might be a savior when an emergency occurs.


Do you have a must reason for keeping a headlamp?  Let me know in the comments below!


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