We had an “outdoor peak experience” activity at Christmas and collected a lot of stories from you guys.

Some of the people even share their stories while using Wuben lights, which is incredible! Here are some stories that we would like to share with you.

Wuben: Thank you for loving X0. We are working on upgrade version of X0. I hope you all like it too. 

Wuben: Thank you! That’s exactly what we are working for. We want to create the products that suits your daily use.

Wuben: Amazing! G2 is one of our best sellers. But it seems you guys are really into it. Maybe we could have some promotions about G2.

My beautiful C2, a great co-worker, of daily use in all my adventures. This video is from a recent outage, at night and in the middle of the rain, rushing to restore power as soon as possible.

Wuben: Fascinating! A lot of our buyers take it while adventures. Hope you all have best adventure experience!

Wuben: OMG! Thank god you are safe! It’s really important to prepare some flashlights in case emergency.