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How to pick a flashlight with long battery life?

Dec 30, 2022

How to pick a flashlight with long battery life?

We have done some questionnaires before. More than 57% of people said what they care the most is the battery life. The lucky thing is we’ve done a great job in this.

We’ve gathered data and found out the following.

As a very general estimate, a low-lumen flashlight (under 40 lumens) will run for about 20-60 hours. Flashlights with an output ranging between 40-400 lumens have 15 hours of runtime at the lower setting (40 lumens) and 2 hours of life in the higher mode (400 lumens). These estimates are very broad, and your flashlight batteries may get significantly higher or lower life depending on the product.

Now you have a basic understanding of how long a LED flashlight will last, let’s discuss the two vital components that enhance this runtime.

Wuben Light

How Do LED Flashlight Batteries Last?

Type of Battery

Wuben flashlight range is versatile and can be powered mostly by 18650/21700 Li-ion battery. Our Representative Work, Wuben X1, is equipped with 21700 battery, working 220 hours with 20 lumens.

 Wuben X1

But the batteries you use within flashlights can have a significant effect on how long they last. For example, Zinc Carbon batteries, which are typically included with flashlights, are more useful for low-powered devices. Whereas the alkaline batteries included with our flashlights have a much higher energy density and shelf life.


Battery volume

We all know the bigger the battery, the longer the battery life. If a flashlight has a long battery life, it usually means it’s bigger. As an innovator of ECL (easy carry light), this is first problem we met before. Wuben X2 will be our better answer to it.

It has 2000 mAh battery but weight only 115g, working 80 hours in 5 lumens.

Wuben X2

Battery capacities

It’s also essential to understand the capacities (mAh) of the light. For example, Wuben X0, has a 1100 mAh battery in its tiny body to maintain 130 hours lighting in 1 lumen.

Wuben X0

Brightness of the light (Lumens)

It goes without saying that if your flashlight can control brightness, having it set at its maximum output will drain the batteries much faster than a lower mode.


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