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Why choose a rechargeable flashlight - Wuben L50

Apr 27, 2022

Why choose a rechargeable flashlight - Wuben L50

Your own rechargeable flashlight

Wuben L50 Rechargeable 18650 EDC Flashlight-With the SOS mode

Wuben L50 EDC Flashlight

Everyday carry (EDC) flashlights are designed to be easily portable for general use.  The L50 is one of our popular, EDC choices which is available in silver, black and limited edition red!  Powered with a 2600 mAh, 18650 li-ion battery, it delivers up to 1200 lumens with a throw of 200m with its single Osram P9 LED!

For your everyday needs, including camping, hiking and walking the dog, the L50 has 4 brightness outputs and an SOS mode to help you get rescued!  Charged with micro-USB, it has a battery indicator and is operated with a single tail-switch - fully pressing it turns the L50 on and off and applying gentle pressure allows the user to cycle through the various output settings.

Its anodised aluminium body makes it light weight, durable, with a drop resistance of 1.5m and have a premium paint finish.  It weighs just 90g, has length of 138.6mm with 26mm diameter and being IP68 rated, it is dust poof and water resistant for 2m underwater submersion for 1 hour!  To improve the quality of the beam, the reflector is aluminium alloy and both sides of the lens are ultra clear coated!

A hidden, but helpful feature of the L50 is that its positive and negative terminal battery springs are gold plated to make the L50 longer lasting by providing anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.  The tail cap also has an improved screw thread which has a trapezoidal shaped cross-section (instead of a regular, triangular cross-section) to prevent wear! To make the L50 even more long lasting, Wuben also provides to spare O-rings to keep it waterproof!  Other accessories that come with the L50, along with its replaceable 18650 battery include a micro USB cable, user manual and lanyard and its high quality packaging make the L50 a perfect gift!

To make the L50 even more useful for camping, it is compatible with the AC1 white silicone diffuser.  This is heat resistant and gives it a soft light effect which can make the L50 suitable for use as table light or for lighting up a tent!

The below table summarises the properties of the L50 to help you see if it is suitable for you!

ANSI FL1 standard


















Max beam distance/m


Impact resistance/m


Waterproof level

IP68 (2m underwater for 1 hour)




138.6mm x 26mm

WUBEN L50 LED Flashlight

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