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More than fireworks, Wuben lights up Independence Day nights!

Jul 03, 2023

Independence Day Special


"More than fireworks, Wuben lights up Independence Day nights!". On Independence Day, as we celebrate the spirit of freedom and independence, it is fitting to explore the remarkable Wuben L1 flashlight. With its exceptional features and commitment to illumination, the Wuben L1 serves as a symbolic representation of "illumination freedom."

Gear up for Independence Day Night as Wuben ignites your journeys with an extraordinary event! From July 3rd to July 25th, we are thrilled to bring you exclusive discounts and unveil our latest product launches, ensuring your outdoor experiences are brilliantly illuminated. As the night sky illuminates with bursts of color, the Wuben L1 stands as a powerful symbol of "illumination freedom," offering a reliable source of light that enhances the celebrations and ensures safety. Let us embark on a journey to discover the remarkable features of the Wuben L1.

1. New Product Launch - Wuben L1

L1 Dual Light Sources Flashlight ((IP68, 170g, 128.2mm x 28mm))
Coupon Code
WB15 (15% OFF)
Wuben L1

Wuben L1 - Unparalleled Dual Light Sources

Wuben L1 Specs

Experience the versatility and performance of the Wuben L1 flashlight's exceptional dual light sources. Available in two versions, each carefully engineered with a combination of high-quality lamp beads, the Wuben L1 caters to diverse preferences and requirements. Let's explore the capabilities of each version:

Luminus SST-40-W and OSRAM P9 Version:
Combining the power of the Luminus SST-40-W LED with the OSRAM P9 lamp bead, this version of the Wuben L1 delivers outstanding performance. With an impressive output of 2000 lumens, the Luminus SST-40-W LED ensures powerful illumination in any situation. The flashlight's beam distance of 350 meters allows you to see far into the distance with exceptional clarity.
Additionally, the OSRAM P9 lamp bead provides a broad and even spread of light with its 1000 lumens output and wide 175° beam angle, effortlessly illuminating a wide area.

Luminus SST-40-W and NICHIA 519A Version:
For a different lighting experience, the Wuben L1 combines the Luminus SST-40-W LED with the NICHIA 519A lamp bead. With the same powerful output of 2000 lumens and an impressive beam distance of 350 meters, the Luminus SST-40-W LED ensures excellent long-range visibility.
The NICHIA 519A lamp bead, known for its high color rendering index (CRI), guarantees accurate color representation, making it perfect for tasks that require precise color perception.

2. Limited-Time Offer - Exclusive to the United States! From July 12th to July 17th!

50 pieces
Starts at 9 AM
Wuben G2

3. 15% Discount on Wuben X Series

82g; 1,100 Lumens; 57 x 24.5 x 28 mm
12,000 Lumens; 3 x CREE XHP70.2 6000K LED
2,500 Lumens; 115g; charging & carry all in one
70g; 700 Lumens; 70 x 35 x 21 mm; Wireless Charging
Coupon Code
WB15 (15% OFF)

We understand that every adventurer has unique lighting requirements. That's why all our exclusive offers are available exclusively on our official online store. Don't hesitate, visit our official website at Wuben Store now to seize the limited-time discounts and be among the first to experience our new product releases! Let Wuben Flashlights become your trusted companion, illuminating your summer adventures like never before.

At Wuben, we are driven by the belief that every individual should have the freedom to explore, to conquer the darkness, and to experience the world with unwavering brightness. We take pride in crafting reliable and innovative lighting solutions that empower you to embrace the spirit of "illumination freedom."

As you embark on your summer adventures, whether it's hiking through rugged terrains, camping under the starry sky, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature, let Wuben Flashlights be your trusted companion. With the Wuben L1 by your side, you can confidently navigate through the unknown, casting light on every step of your journey.

We invite you to unlock the full potential of illumination freedom and discover the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Explore new horizons, challenge your limits, and let the Wuben L1 illuminate your path towards a brighter future.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Wuben family. Together, let us continue to celebrate the spirit of independence and illuminate the world with the brilliance of "illumination freedom."



  • Mike
    Jul 17, 2023 at 11:07

    You have to go and read the article where the coupon code is. WB15. I’ll make it easy for you.


  • WubenLight Team
    Jul 04, 2023 at 18:21

    Yes, it’s true! We have a special promotion running from July 12th to July 17th, starting at 9 am.


  • Walter Barnett
    Jul 04, 2023 at 18:08

    G2 for 9.95? Click on Buy Now and it’s 22.99. Is this just click bait or can I really buy G2 for 9.99??


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