Wuben Lightok Series Bundle - X0, X1, X2, and X3

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⨠  X0 Aluminum White - Compact Elegance: Ultra-compact at 2.24x0.96x1.10 inches and lightweight at 82 grams, it's perfect for effortless everyday carry in your pocket or bag.

⨠  X1 White - Small and Powerful: This powerful light reaches 12,000 lumens and shines up to 303 meters, all within a sleek 5.06x2.20x1.10 inches form factor.

  X2 White - Effortless Portability: The X2 redefines ultra-compact and lightweight illumination at 3.35x1.54x0.79mm and 115g, fitting comfortably in your palm as an essential handheld light.

⨠  White X3 + Base (Black) - Best EDC Flashlight: The Owl EDC Flashlight offers a 180° rotating head, dual LEDs, glow-in-the-dark capability, wireless charging, a lightweight design at just 70g, a magnetic base, and an extended 200-hour runtime.

⨠  30-day return & 5-year warranty: Enjoy a hassle-free return process for all our high-quality Wuben Easy Carry Lights! We are confident that our products will speak for themselves.

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Wuben Lightok X Series Bundle, including X0 Aluminum White, X1 White, X2 White, and White X3 with black base

X0 vs X1 vs X2 vs X3

Brands / Models Wuben X0 Wuben X1 Wuben X2 Wuben X3
Portability Wuben X0 boasts a weight range of 82g to 131g and dimensions of 2.24 x 0.96 x 1.10 inches. Wuben X1 weighs 379g and its dimensions are 5.06 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches. Wuben X2 possesses a weight of 115g and its dimensions are 3.35 x 1.54 x 0.79 inches. Wuben X3 weighs 70g and its dimensions are 2.76 x 1.38 x 0.83 inches.
Brightness and Adjustable Output Up to 1,100 lumens; 7 brightness levels

Innovative 3-in-1 Button, Magnetic Tailcap, Fast Charging: Charges in 1.5 Hours
Up to 1,2000 lumens; 7 brightness levels

3,000 Lumens Constant Current (1.7 Hours), Efficient Active Cooling Fans, Durable Construction
Up to 2,500 lumens; 6 brightness levels

All-in-One Design for Charging and Carrying
Up to 700 lumens; 6 brightness levels

180° Rotating Head, Dual LEDs, Glow-in-the-Dark, Wireless Charging
Long Battery Life Up to 40 hours on low setting; 2.5 hours on high setting Up to 14 hours on low setting; 2 hours on high setting Up to 80 hours on low setting; 2.5 hours on high setting Up to 50 hours on low setting; 2 hours on high setting
Material Made of Aluminum, Titanium, or Brass Made of Aluminum Made of Aluminum, Titanium, or Copper Made of Plastic
Water Resistance IP68 IP55 IP68 IP65


Easy-carry light, for the lightweight hike, delicate wild WUBEN Lightok X0 EDC

WUBEN Lighto X0 Hands-Free EDC


Wuben lightok x1 with highest lumens powful ECL flashlight.


WUBEN Lightok X2 COMPACT AND HANDY with lumens 2500 ECL

WUBEN Lightok X2 The Smallest Yet Brightest Easy Carry Light multifunctional tactical flashlight


Wuben X3 - 5

Wuben X3 - 6

Wuben X3 - 7

Wuben X3 - 8

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Kit'Anim/Scop276 - Steff Fermé (FR)


Stefan Behrens (DE)
Great Products

The X products are characterized by very good quality and performance.

Carmel Carroll
very cool

X1 and X3, Very useful for everyday use!