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Lighting Revolution

Incorporating E1 into Your Daily Routine



Phone Stand

Exploring WUBEN E1's Versatility

Get ready to witness innovation like never before! The Wuben E1 is not just your ordinary flashlight – it's a game-changer!

MagSafe Compatible

E1 Designed to revolutionise your EDC. Imagine the convenience of effortlessly attaching your E1 flashlight to your phone, ensuring it goes wherever your phone does. Thanks to its magnetic absorption feature, you can easily attach it to most metal surfaces, providing unparalleled versatility.


Maximum Lumens Everyday

The flashlights on phones are typically dim, and carrying a traditional flashlight is bulky. E1 offers a maximum of 300 lumens, approximately ten times brighter than the standard phone flashlight. This level of illumination proves adequate for most daily situations. Moreover, with E1, you conveniently have a reliable light source readily available on your phone when needed.

On-Phone Fill Light

Equipped with 28pcs high-quality LED bulbs, E1 emits a soft and flattering light that helps reduce harsh shadows and evenly illuminates the subject. Whether you're taking selfies, capturing portraits, or shooting videos in low-light conditions, the On-phone Fill Light ensures that your images and footage appear well-lit and vibrant.


Dual-Sided Magnetic Stand

Enhance your photography and videography endeavors with the professional-grade stability of our dual-sided magnetic stand. This innovative addition brings a touch of professionalism to your work, ensuring steadier shots and smoother recordings. Unleash your creativity and explore endless shooting possibilities with confidence.

Creative Photography

Fed up with the limitations of smartphone flashlights when capturing photos in low light? Say hello to your new night photography companion: the versatile 3-color fill light that easily attaches to your phone. Explore a world of creativity and never miss a stunning shot again!

Your Essential EDC Flashlight

A statement of style and practicality

Extra Slim EDC

Stepless Dimming

Widely Application

One-button Operation


Who We Are?

Founded in 2016, WUBEN has emerged as a leading producer of premium EDC flashlights, rechargeable LED flashlights, and bike lights. Inspired by the founder's own experiences as an avid outdoor enthusiast, the brand was born out of a desire to provide high-quality lighting solutions for adventurers. WUBEN is renowned for its innovation in easy-carry lights (ECL) and has proudly earned recognition, including the Guinness World Record for the brightest and largest flashlights. Trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, WUBEN has expanded its presence to over 130 countries and regions with a steadfast commitment to enhancing the outdoor experience. At WUBEN, we are dedicated to making lighting more portable, enabling travellers to journey lighter, and elevating outdoor adventures to new heights of refinement. Join us as we illuminate the path ahead and continue our pursuit of excellence in lighting innovation.

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Get ready to witness innovation like never before with the Wuben E1! It illuminates your path, acts as a fill-light for your photos, serves as a convenient phone holder, and boasts magnetic capabilities. Stay tuned for its Kickstarter launch in April.