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How to Choose the Best Penlight?

Dec 27, 2023

How to Choose the Best Penlight?

With the advancement of the lighting industry, penlights are increasingly popular than even, it is a perfect combo of pen and flashlight as it comes in a pen-shaped or can be used as a pen and features the luminous ability of a flashlight. In the meantime, a tactical penlight was created for self-defence and security purpose.

The lightweight and portable design of penlights is welcome by EDC enthusiasts and is ideal for everyday carry in a pocket or clipped to a shirt. They are comfortable to hold and easy to operate. When choosing a penlight, there are some factors to consider including its functionality, battery type, material, and budget.

1. what do you use It for?

Tactical penlight: It can be used for smashing a window and escaping aid. In addition to lighting up your forefront in the evening, ladies may also use it as a self-defence tool, model like E61 features LED lighting, a pen, glass breaker which combines multiple functions. E62 has sophisticated craftsmanship, and a blade, the soul of a tactical pen. E62 has a blade on one end and a tungsten steel attack head on the other, with a brightness of 130 lumens, the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Medical penlight: Almost all doctors and nurses have a penlight in their pocket when they are at work because the penlight is small, easy to carry, and can be used for examining pupils, throats, wounds. E19 is specially designed for medical staff, it weighs 23g, and the LED with high CRI ensures accurate inspection without a color difference. UV penlight: This type of penlight is used on many occasions, such as detection of counterfeit currency, forensics, bacteria, and germs; professional UV equipment is very expensive, the good news is that Wuben E19 UV has a friendly price tag and features 365nm UV LED, with a dimension of 133mm x 14.8mm, it is easy to carry.

2. Materials

The material of the penlight housing usually focuses on durability, heat dissipation, weight, etc. The commonly seen materials include plastic and metal. Penlights made with plastic are not durable with poor heat dissipation, though they are lightweight. and lightweight. The cost is cheap, the metal material has good durability, poor heat dissipation, and the cost is expensive. If you prefer having a reliable penlight, you should buy a penlight made from metal. As for metal material, aluminum, copper, and titanium are commonly seen. According to the Wuben flashlight laboratory, aluminum alloy is the most suitable material for penlights. It is not easy to rust, is light in weight, and has good wear resistance, and the anodize treatment help resist fading in color.


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