D1 Flood EDC
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Front View
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Back View
D1 Flood EDC-2
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Overview
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Side
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Lamp Bead
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - USB Power BanK Function
Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight - 175 Degrees - Included

D1 Mini LED Flood EDC Flashlight

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Multiangle & Combined Beams: D1 offered a maximum out of 1100 lumens, with a multiangle and as wide as 175 degrees, the combination of a high beam and dipped beam can illuminate a large amount of space according to your needs.

Serves as A Power Bank: D1 utilizes a 18650 li-ion battery, which offers up to 150 hours. It can serve as a power bank for your mobile phone via its Type-C port.

Multi modes & breathing light: Features four brightness levels and SOS modes, with a Blue breathing light ideal for an evening hunt.

Small & portable: Features a dual-way clip that allows users to keep it safe in the pocket weighs only 109g (battery included), and a size of 4.13 x 0.93 inches.

Easy Operation: Tap the button to switch between High /Medium /Low /Moon /Strobe and SOS mode. Easy operation with one hand.

30-day return & 5-year warranty: hassle-free return process for all our high-quality Wuben Easy Carry Light! We are confident that our products will speak for themselves.

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D1 Mini LED Flood EDC Flashlight

Regular price $59.99
Sale price $59.99 Regular price $59.99

Bright as its Size with 175º Beam Angle

D1 is a top pick for rechargeable flashlight performance, and you will be amazed at how powerful it is.

wuben D1

Powerful output Up to 1100 lumens

At 1100 lumens maximum output, D1 offers an exceptional light beam in the dark.


Portable Yet Durable

D1 light and small enough to be easily carried, you may not even realize it exists!

Magnetic Tail Cap D1

A Selection of 6 Modes

With a highly functional tap, D1 allows users to switch between modes effortlessly.

wuben D1

Blue Breathing Light For Hunters

With the blue light, you can use D1 at night without disturbing your circadian rhythm.

Luminous button EDC

USB C Rechargeable

Features USB TYPE-C port D1 provides a quick and convenient way to juice up your flashlight.

wuben D1

Serves As Power Bank

D1 can use not only as rechargeable but also as a power bank.

Power Bank Battery

Power Status At A Glance

With a battery indicator, you don’t have to guess when D1 is fully charged.

wuben D1

Waterproof Plus Anti-Drop

A sturdy aluminum body that is dust and water-resistant, D1 is a perfect partner in the wild.

wuben D1

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeffrey Witmeyer (US)
Flashlight Review

Best small flashlight I ever owned. Very bright on high setting. Really illuminates your surroundings. Well made. Many features. You can even carry it in your shirt pocket.

Brandon Rustin (US)
Small flaslight that packs a lumen punch

Purchased this model because I work in darkness for 5 months out of the year and wanted something that gave me options.
This model puts out more lumens than my C2 model that is bigger.
I like having the clip on the side in case I need to attatch to my hat for hands free work.
Easy to take battery out and charge, plus you can plug in to direct battery and charge other gadgets.
Great addition to my home/camping/hunting gear.

Alessandro (US)

So far, the flashlight has performed as described, The flashlight is quite bright!
I appreciate the multi-function button to select different light intensities and the recall to the last brigthness level. Strobe and SOS mode are useful to have.
Downsides: pricey - I wish it would be less expensive. It would be a no-brainer purchase at around $34.
it’s a little heavy to hold on the brim of your hat, but the weight seems to add to the durability of the flashlight, so that’s a compromise you have to deal with.

Edgar Allan Raras (CA)

Good for its price. Well satisfied

Roland Weigelt (DE)
Useful in the forest as well as under the computer desk

Compact, bright, shines wide AND far enough for winter walks in the forest. Also very good when I have to work under my computer desk in the evening. With the light's magnet I can stick it to the metal parts of my desk - very handy!

Peter JOZSA (HU)
Small, robust EDC flashlight

Very small EDC flashlight (hardly longer, than the supplied protected top 18650 cell, which is full duplex Type-C USB chargeable and serves as a powerbank as well). Good hotspot and very wide spill. 1100 lumen is a bit of fantasy, and high mode will be regulated down after ~30 seconds. Takes flat top, elevated top and protected cells, due to its double gold plated top and bottom springs. With a coupon it's a good deal. Inside EU it was shipped within 2 days from German warehouse.