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H5 Best Rechargeable LED Hiking Headlamp

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360 rotating-beam: H5 features a shaft that can be rotated in 360 degrees, it allows you to adjust the beam angle according to your needs.

Magnetic design: Both the light tail and back clip features magnetic design, making it easy to attach H5 to a metallic surface.

Bright Enough For Daily Use: H5 offers up to 400 lumens and a beam angle of 175 degrees, it is good enough for daily activities.

Battery goes Easy: H5 is compatible with 2A battery, and 14500 lithium-ion Battery, giving battery dead no option!

Headlamp & Mini flashlight: H5 can be used as a headlamp and also serve you as a mini flashlight, a compact and versatile gear you can’t miss.

30-day return & 5-year warranty: hassle-free return process for all our high-quality Wuben Easy Carry Light! We are confident that our products will speak for themselves.

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H5 Best Rechargeable LED Hiking Headlamp

Regular price $69.99
Sale price $69.99 Regular price $69.99

A Versatile Flashlight with A Multifunctional Clip

For EDC Lover H5 makes a compact EDC within reach

Serve As Tool Light H5 can be flexibly mounted to other tools

Hand-free Operation
Serves as a headlamp with a strap

Widen your horizons

Stay Unharmed in.the Rain. IP68 can withstand even being submerged

High Compatibility
Uses 14500 Li-ion battery or AA battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Gerald Goebel (CA)

I love the fact that I can have this light strapped on a harness and 'point' it to where ever I'm working. The snap ensures won't fall off regardless of the position I'm in.

BennyCC (US)
Very Versatile.

I love this light. I can just clip it to my shirt while working or use it as a headlight.

Nicholas Allen (AU)
Dang Handy!

Wife and I were fighting over who got the Wuben on our 4 day camping trip. Its so handy with its different configs and the battery seems to last for ages. Guess who won?

Shiddij Shrestha (NP)
Great flashlight and service from Wuben

Wuben H5 is a versatile light. It's not too big and can be used as a headlamp or cliped on to clothing. It's a well built light and it even works with AA battery.

Scott Kerrison (AU)
Speedy delivery

Awesome torch

Thomas Cizek

1a Qualität ;-)