Bundle featuring Wuben's X2 and X1, X2 and X0, and X2 and C3

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Improved Visibility: Maximum brightness of 2500 lumens and Beam Distance of 146 Meters.
Long Battery Life & Fast Charging: The X2 is powered by 2000mAh batteries, providing up to 80 hours on Low mode and can be fully charged in 3 hours.


Bright Plus Long Throw: Delivers a maximum of 1200 lumens cast a long throw of 587 ft, C3 offers you the biggest support in the dark.


Powerful and Compact: X0 delivers up to 1100 lumens and 125 Meters Beam Distance, 40 times brighter than a smartphone flashlight, in its minimal form.
Small & Lightweight: X0 is a micro-sized flashlight at 57mm and 82g (2.89 ounces), providing portable light.

Small and Powerful: The X1 flashlight offers an impressive max output of 12,000 lumens and a 994 ft beam distance, all in a compact size of 5.06 inches.
Stable Illumination: Enjoy 1.7 hours of constant current at 3000 lumens. 

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The Wuben X2 is a robust and versatile flashlight designed to meet the diverse needs of users in the industry. With an impressive maximum brightness of 2500 lumens and a remarkable runtime of up to 80 hours on its lowest setting, this flashlight ensures ample power reserves for extended expeditions.


  • Compact and lightweight: The Wuben X2 boasts compact dimensions of 85mm in length and a mere weight of 115g, ensuring effortless portability and easy handling.
  • Outstanding brightness: Capable of generating up to 2500 lumens, the Wuben X2 is perfectly suited for various tasks such as camping, hiking, and home defense.
  • Impressive beam distance: With a beam distance reaching 146 meters, the Wuben X2 effectively illuminates expansive areas, making it an ideal choice for diverse applications.
  • Versatile lighting modes: The Wuben X2 features six distinct lighting modes - low, medium, high, turbo, SOS, and strobe, enabling users to select the optimal mode for their specific requirements.
  • Rapid Type-C charging: The Wuben X2 is equipped with fast charging capabilities through its Type-C port, ensuring swift recharge times and minimal downtime.
  • Convenient charging hand rope: For on-the-go charging convenience, the Wuben X2 includes a practical charging hand rope.
  • Grip with fluorescent powder: The Wuben X2's grip can be customized with fluorescent powder, facilitating easy location and retrieval in low-light conditions.
  • Watertight and dustproof hybrid UV glue: Utilizing a watertight and dustproof hybrid UV glue, the Wuben X2 guarantees superior protection against environmental elements.
  • Crafted with precision techniques: The Wuben X2 is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, incorporating anodizing, laser engraving, and CNC machining for exceptional quality and durability.

The Wuben X0 is the inaugural model of the Wuben X series, released in June 2022. It is the smallest yet most powerful EDC flashlight in the series, with an impressive brightness of 1100 lumens. The X0 is equipped with a magnetic base for convenient hands-free operation and features a cover that can be playfully manipulated by hand, adding an interactive element to its design.
Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional in need of a compact lighting solution, or someone who appreciates interactive features, the Wuben X0 is an outstanding choice.

Wuben X1 is an exceptional high-performance flashlight that offers an impressive combination of brightness, advanced features, and outstanding durability. It is powered by two 21700 batteries, providing an incredible runtime of up to 220 hours on the lowest setting. With a maximum brightness of 12,000 lumens, the X1 is a top-tier choice for various applications, including outdoor adventures, camping, and emergency situations.


The Wuben X1 stands out as a powerful and versatile flashlight with an array of top-notch features, such as:

  • Robust and Elegant Design
  • Wide Floodlight Beam
  • 12,000 Lumens Output
  • 3,000 Lumens Constant Current
  • Efficient Active Cooling System
  • Multiple Selectable Lighting Modes
  • Special Process Micro-arc Oxidation
  • Lightweight and Portable - Weighing just 379g


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stephen Athon (US)
Unique and useful bundle!

I purchased both the X1 and X2 together as it was the cheapest way (at the time of purchase) to get both units. The X1 is a powerhouse, but what surprised me the most was the very small size of the X2. It is neither extremely bright, nor a nice-looking LED tint, but it worked perfectly as a unique gift and was very appreciated.

Joseph Palmer (GB)

Both great lights , extremely impressed by the x1! It’s an absolute powerhouse

Mike Simson (GB)
Wuben X1 and X2

Awesome build and quality, super bright and should last a lifetime

Jon Allen (US)
X1 and X2 are the perfect duo

I ordered the X1 and X2 bundle as it offered me exactly what I needed. The X2 is the best EDC pocket flashlight with high performance, ergonomic design and intelligent features. The X1 is the best utility flashlight with stellar performance and the same great ergonomic design and fantastic features. Both of these flashlights cover all of my needs.

Wuben really got it right with this bundle. Terrific build quality for extreme use and durability. I plan on using these lights for many years to come. I already one or the other every single day. From night walks with the dog to camping, everyday work, emergencies, power outages and much much more. They are always with me and they are actually getting used, and I mean a lot. Great job Wuben! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the game next.

Elke Eydler (DE)
Good Lights

The lights are good quality and very bright good product

Lenny Colucci (US)
Amazingly bright and high quality

Purchased the x1 and x2 bundle. These lights are incredibly bright for their size..highly recommended.