Hi everyone, recently a lot of people ask about the bike mount accessory. Some people misunderstand the bike mount comes with X1. Some people complain about our after-sale service. Here are our solutions.

1. The X1 does NOT come with the bike mount. The price of the bike mount is $16.90. We will have a bundle of X1 and bike mount later if you guys love it.

2. The bike mount will be released on Feb. But we only have about 100 pcs right now. We will continue to restock.

3. Some people told us that they didn’t get a reply from our email support@wubenlight.com, and some said they are mad at our response, which felt like it was written by a bot. We checked our email. We got why you are angry.

Now the person who wrote the emails has been fired. It won’t happen again. Sorry about the bad experience. If you have a similar experience again, please let me know.