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Wuben C2 2000 Lumen Power Bank Flashlight

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On this website, we've previously talked about flashlights on smartphones - they have great running times, typically up to 16 continuous hours on one charge with a diffused beam which is gentle on the eyes and very useful for finding objects indoors.  However, they do not always give enough output for outdoor use, are sometimes fiddly to operate are vulnerable to damage and are too valuable to lose.

With the camping season approaching, you may be considering buying an outdoor flashlight to help you with walks in the evening or before sunrise.  There are many options available online and even local stores such as supermarkets and gas stations sell them, so we will discuss the properties of different types of flashlights and look at how to find and interpret flashlight data to help you find the best types of flashlights for you.

Carrying the flashlight

Carrying Wuben C2 Flashlight

Specifications of flashlights

The easiest way to see if your chosen flashlight is fit for purpose is by using its ANSI FL1 standards table.  Wuben has one of these tables for each of its lighting products.  Below is an example of one for the Wuben C2.  From these tables, you can instantly see how many modes the flashlight gives.  Some flashlights have additional modes such as 'turbo', 'strobe' and 'SOS' modes along with 'high', 'medium' and 'low'.  

ANSI FL1 Standard

ANSI FL1 Standard

Turbo High Medium Low Eco Strobe SOS














5 hrs





Beam distance /meters

















C2 Parameters

All of these properties from the tables can help you to see if a flashlight is suitable for your needs and can help you compare different ones.



Impact resistance

1 meter

Waterproof level

IP68 (2m underwater for 1 hr)


109g (without battery) | 190g (with battery)


128.6mmx29mm (LxD)

On this table you can see that for the Wuben C2, there are 7 modes.  For 'turbo' mode, after 1 minute, the lumen output drops from 2000 lumens to 700 lumens - all flashlights with 'turbo' mode do this to protect the electrics from overheating to prevent damage and promote durability.  You can also compare the output mode brightness for each setting i.e. strobe mode gives 2000 lumens and SOS gives 200 lumens.

Wuben C2 Flashlight range

It should be noted that greater lumens brightness also means increased range i.e. 'turbo' mode has a range of 358m compared to eco mode which has 18m range.  Candela is a measure of how focussed and intense the beam is and this also increases with the lumen output and throw distance.  

Other information that can be found from these tables is the impact distance (how far the flashlight can be dropped and not be damaged), the level of being waterproof and the weight with and without the battery.  

Runtime is also another important consideration and this reduces with the lumens output.  As you can see, 'turbo' mode lasts for 1 minute at 2000 lumens, then 3 hours at 700 lumens, but on 'eco' mode, emitting 5 lumens, the C2 can stay on for 300 continuous hours!  That's 12 and a half days straight!

For a measure of how waterproof a flashlight is, it is worth checking the 'IP' (ingress protection) rating.  Most Wuben flashlights are 'IP68' rated like the Wuben C2, meaning they can be submerged 2m underwater for 1 hour!  They are also dust proof.  'Specification' on this table refers to the length and diameter of the flashlight in mm.

Carrying the flashlight

Carrying the G1 Mini flashlight

WUBEN G1 Mini Flashlight

One of the most important things for a flashlight to do is have the ability to fit where it is stored, this can be in your jeans pocket, car glove box or trunk. One popular option to keep your flashlight with you at all times, when you are out, is to use a small key chain flashlight like our G1 or up and coming G2.  These may take slightly longer to get out and use as there may be other things in your pocket and will have keys attached to them.   

G1 is a compact keychain light that delivers a maximum of 40 lumens and 11 hours runtime.G1 Mini Flashlight . Only sale $11.99
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WUBEN G1 Mini Flashlight

WUBEN G2 Mini Flashlight

G2 Mini Flashlight. Only sale $22.99!  
Utilizes a OSRAM P9 LED with a max output of 500 lumens. With a dimension of 58.5*27mm, weighing in only 28g, G2 survives underwater within 1.5 meters for 1 hour.

Slimmer flashlights like our E19 are normally powered with AAA batteries and will comfortably fit in a shirt pocket with its clip will keeping it in place.  They are easy to take in and out and are popular choices for Doctors and Dentists as they provide enough light to examine areas such as the mouth, but if these slim AAA flashlights are moved from different items of clothing, they are more easy to lose.   

Medium sized EDC (every day carry) flashlights are another option which are slightly larger than AAA flashlights, come in a variety of sizes and output levels such as the Wuben C2, D1 (both featuring power banks) and C3.  These tend to have higher lumen output levels and throw range than slim AAA powered flashlights, making them slightly more difficult to carry but suitable for outdoor activities such as hikes.  

Tactical flashlights are similar in size to EDC flashlights but tend to be slightly larger and more durable.  They feature a 'strike' bezel which can be used to breaking glass or for self-defence and always have strobe modes.  Our Wuben T1 is a tactical flashlight which is configured so that it can always strobe with its unique tail switch.  Strobing is an effective way of disorientating assailants without directly physically causing harm, allowing time to escape.

The flashlight's power source

The shape and size of the flashlight now mainly depends upon its battery size because the LED emitters have become considerably smaller when compared to filament bulbs.  

Flashlights can be powered by standard batteries such as AA, AAA and sometimes C or D cells.  These have the advantage of low cost and high availability, however, the outputs of them are limited.  Some single AAA powered flashlights maybe slightly too big for your keychain.  

Lithium ion (li-ion) batteries rechargeable batteries are capable of producing higher lumen outputs than standard disposable batteries and can also be more compact at the same time.  They are more difficult to find from a store which isn't an online one.  Popular Li-ion rechargeable batteries include the 18650 and 21700.  The Wuben 14500, 920 mAh used in the popular E6 is the same size as a AA battery and can be conveniently charged with USB-C as it has the port integrated into the cell itself. Many 14500 flashlights, such as the Wuben E6 can also run off AA batteries, but it is important to avoid using a 14500 li-ion battery in a flashlight or any device that normally runs on a standard disposable AA battery as it is likely to cause damage due to its higher output!

For most users, probably the most convenient way for them to keep their flashlight batteries charged is to have a flashlight where the USB-C cable plugs directly into the torch, such as in the Wuben C2.  This flashlight, like some others also acts as a power bank and next to the USB-C port to charge itself, has a USB-A port to charge other devices such as smart phones.

Different ways of operating flashlights

operating flashlights

Flashlights can either have a push button or be operated with a twist cap.  Buttons can be faster and easier to turn on, cycle through the modes and be operated with one hand.  Twist caps need to be operated with both hands but are less likely to be put on by accident whilst in the pocket.  They also tend to be more compact.  Many keychain flashlights tend to be twist cap operated as they are usually in the pocket attached to keys, so are likely to be accidently turned on if they have button operation.  

Flashlights have different modes too.  As mentioned above, most Wuben flashlights like the C2 have 'turbo' (its highest setting for a short amount of time e.g. 1 minute, to prevent it overheating), 'high', 'medium' and 'low settings along with 'strobe' for self defence and 'SOS' for being rescued. They require cycling through the modes, but have a memory function, so if you turn off the flashlight and put it back on again, it will stay on the same mode.

Hopefully this guide will help you to find the flashlight for you in the Spring season! Remember, key information such as output, modes, size, weight and runtime can be found in the ANSI FL1 tables - this is a great place to start!

WuBen C2 Flashlight Kit Review!

Written by Charles BridgTec.
A flashlight that best suits your outdoor needs. C2 is powerful with up to 2000 lumens and its longest beam throw is up to 358 meters.
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